3-Year-Old Accidentally Left Behind in a Corn Maze Overnight

corn maze where kid was left behind

Corn mazes are a fun fall tradition for a lot of families. But even with the maps and checkpoints helping you find your way, you still still get a little uneasy if your kids wander too far from you or take a turn that puts them out of your eyesight. Losing a child is every parent's biggest fear. That's why it's unfathomable to hear that a 3-year-old was left at a corn maze by his family, and they didn't realize it until the following morning.


Kendall Schmidt, owner of Crazy Corn Maze in West Jordan, Utah, is busy every day in October, but last night was different from the rest. He told Fox 13 that a woman found a 3-year-old boy alone and crying in the middle of the corn maze. "He was upset and crying and really scared," Schmidt said. 

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At first they thought the boy's parents must have been just as upset as he was, and looking for him too. They got the boy settled with a lollipop and a blanket to help him stay warm. He wasn't able to tell them his name, but he was able to communicate his age. The quick-thinking Schmidt grabbed a bullhorn and headed out into the maze himself to try to find the little boy's family. He looked for hours, but the family was nowhere to be found.

Eventually a police officer came to keep the little boy company, showing him Finding Dory in the cruiser. They waited until the maze had closed and everyone had left before placing the child in the care of the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) for the night.

According to officials, the following morning, the child's mother woke up and realized that he wasn't at home and that he might have been left behind at the corn maze. She called police just before 8 a.m. Tuesday morning, 12 hours after the boy was found wandering through the corn solo. 

The boy's mother later arrived at the police station with about 10 children, although it's unclear if she is the mother of all of them. Officials are not releasing details of the case due to privacy concerns but have said this is a situation of multiple families living in one household.

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DCFS is investigating what led to the child's being left behind and why his parents didn't realize their mistake sooner. "It's a process. We don't want to jump to any conclusions, but we are also concerned mainly about the safety of the child," said DCFS public information officer Ashley Sumner, according to Fox 13.

It's super easy to judge this family and say that we'd never let anything like this happen to our child, but who knows what their circumstances were that night? It's sad that this little guy had to live out the real-life scary movie plot of being lost in a corn maze, but we're so thankful he's safe and sound.

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