Photos of Toddler's Horrific Burns From a Phone Charger Are a Warning to Parents


As parents, we know it is always important that we be aware of the countless risks and dangers exposed to our children daily. While many of these things are fairly obvious, others are much less so. We don't always consider the fact that many seemingly harmless everyday items and objects can be extremely dangerous when in little hands. One mother whose daughter was badly burned after she put a phone charger in her mouth is hoping to remind all parents that vigilance is key.


Mom Courtney Davis recently shared a disturbing post on her Facebook account that should serve as a warning to all parents about the hidden dangers of cell phone chargers.

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The post, which contained five horrific photos of her daughter, was accompanied by a message. "On Sept 28th my 19-month-old stuck my phone charger in her mouth." 

phone charger burns baby's mouth
Courtney N Davis/Facebook

According to Courtney, the little girl had gotten ahold of a cell phone charger in the family's home. Like many children her age, she decided to investigate the object by putting it in her mouth. This, unfortunately, resulted in severe burning in and around her mouth. "We went to the [doctor] who confirmed that it was an electrical burn," the mom wrote.

Due to the placement of the burn, there wasn't much the doctor could do aside from let it heal on its own. "There was nothing they could put on it due to her being able to lick it," explained Courtney. She went on to stress how even just a quick moment with the charger caused her harm. "It took all of a few seconds for her to get burned."

The mother even went so far as to mention how one small mistake made such a huge impact. "Any other day my charger wouldn't have been plugged up in her reach, but [because] of a bunch of stuff going on that day I didn't have time to move it," she wrote. "She had never tried to put it in her mouth and she had never messed with it. The one day it isn't moved she stuck it in her mouth and got a severe burn."

baby burned from phone charger
Courtney N Davis/Facebook

Luckily, the little girl is faring well. While her burns are certainly hard to look at, her mother assures that she isn't experiencing much pain as a result of them. "She doesn't feel it thank God, hasn't acted like it bothers her at all," Courtney wrote. 

With her daughter safe and a previously unknown danger realized, Courtney ended her post with a thoughtful warning. "Parents, grandparents, babysitters, etc., please put your chargers up out of reach. My daughter was lucky, the next kid may not be as lucky as her."

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Courtney Davis's post certainly isn't meant to shame. Cell phones are such a normal part of our everyday lives that we don't always view them and their accessories as a danger to our children. If your little ones have a knack for putting things in their mouths or playing with things they shouldn't, it may be best to start keeping things like phone and computer chargers well out of their reach. 

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