The Latest in the Mommy Wars? Grocery Cart Shaming

little girl in grocery cart
Constance Hall/Facebook

Just when you think the mommy wars couldn't possibly get any more ridiculous, something pops up on Facebook to prove you wrong. When popular author and blogger Constance Hall posted a photo of her daughter Snow sitting pretty in a full grocery cart, she was just trying to make a point that moms rarely get a moment alone -- even when we're doing something boring like going to the store. Instead she received tons of unwanted "advice" about what was in her cart. Did you know there's apparently a right way and a wrong way to stack groceries?


Anytime you can get through a major shopping trip with a toddler and not have it end in a meltdown is a major parenting win, so it's obvious why Hall wanted to document her accomplishment with a cute snap (plus her daughter is a doll in those jammies!).

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constance hall blogger
Constance Hall/Facebook

But people on her Facebook page didn't see how precious Snow looked. They were too busy judging Hall for her food choices and fretting over the fate of her bread in the bottom of the cart. 

Hall has since deleted the comments where people pretended to be concerned for her family's health but really judged her for the food she bought. However, it seems the items that people were most upset over were butter, eggs, and two-minute noodles. First of all, if loving butter is wrong, I don't want to be right. Second, I must have missed the text where eggs aren't considered a healthy food anymore? And any food that can be ready for a starving child in two minutes is genius and every parent should have some stockpiled. 

After she removed the haters from her post, Hall commented on the irony of having to defend her food choices on a page that's supposed to be about not judging other parents. She also pointed out that there was produce in the cart that wasn't visible (because she didn't stage the photo before she took it) and they had other veggies coming to the house from a farm. 

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But people were still really concerned for the bread in the bottom of the cart.

Hall didn't get mad at the bread mob.

Ever the queen, she reminds us all that try as we might, we can't control everything. So rather than judge each other, why not give relaxing a try? 

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