This Dad's Tips for How to Support Your Partner Through Pregnancy Are Absolutely Hysterical

dad makes how to support your pregnant wife video
How to DAD/Facebook

For all the weird, unsolicited advice women get during their pregnancies, expectant fathers often get just as much. While some of it is helpful, a lot of the offered advice is just plain ridiculous. One particularly funny dad has created his own guide for dads. Only, instead of teaching them how to properly swaddle and change diapers, this video teaches dads how to support their pregnant partners

  • Jordan Watson is the mastermind behind the hilarious How to DAD Facebook page.

    On his page, he claims to offer "DIY parenting advice you'll actually want to listen to."

    In his most recent video, the father gives expectant dads some much-needed advice meant to help men support their pregnant partners to the best of their abilities.

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  • First, he says, help your wife feel like she looks her best.

    "Choose all her maternity clothes for her," he says, appearing on screen in a T-shirt with a giant hole cut out in the belly.

    "Do you like it?" he asks his off-screen wife. "The belly can grow ... It's got me on it. I made it myself." 

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  • Next, he suggests that men take on the work of naming the baby.

    "Um ... Bob," he lists as his first suggestion. "Works for a boy or a girl." By the lack of high-five he gets from his off-screen wife, it's obvious that the name isn't received well.

    Jordan moves on down his list of names a little later in the video. "Bobette," he says next, followed by the hilarious suggestion of "Bobina" and rounding out his super diverse list with "Bobbity-Bob." 

    Obviously, he's been reading through way too many baby name books. 

  • When it comes to babyproofing the house, he obviously goes for the most important things ...

    ... like wrapping the TV in shrink-wrap.

  • Jordan also has a pretty foolproof suggestion for how to make your partner feel a little more confident, physically.

    "Because she's going to be growing a pot belly as the baby grows, to make her feel good about herself, grow your own pot belly as well." 

    To do this, he suggests "eating twice as much of everything that she does." On screen, he appears to be using a baby blanket as a bib before grabbing two giant buckets of KFC and running off. 

  • Like many expectant dads, Jordan is in charge of putting together the baby furniture.

    "Put together all the flat-pack, kit set, baby furniture stuff," he prompts, the screen moving to show him surrounded by various pieces of baby furniture.

    After a few moments -- and the total destruction of what is supposed to be a crib -- he considers his job well done and celebrates with a thumbs-up.

  • "Help her out by testing all her new, weird food craving things," he adds.

    It isn't long before he's dipping a banana into a fresh can of tuna and taking a nice, big bite. 

    Naturally, he's gagging seconds later.

  • Jordan's next task is helping find a midwife.

    "How to deliver a baby?" he says as he types the same phrase into Google. It only takes a couple seconds of searching through results before he confidently declares, "Yeah, I ... I could do this ... Most of this." 

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  • For his last suggestion, he offers some more advice on helping your partner maintain her confidence.

    "Even when she's nine months pregnant, tell her she doesn't even look pregnant." 

    But then, speaking to his wife in the car, Jordan notices something. "Are you stuck in the car again?" he asks. 

    But, of course, it's all in good fun. The well-meaning father even signs off the video with some well-wishes: "I hope no guys are harmed while showing their pregnant other halves this video."