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  • Turns out a lot of us abandon our plans to hop on the treadmill once the kids go down. But moms are the heroes of the nighttime routine.

    We're all tired from putting the kids down -- 77 percent of all parents admitted to feeling exhausted after the kids finally fall asleep. But when it comes to getting the children ready for bed, it's moms that get the job done.

    Although only 57 percent of dads admitted to having trouble getting kids ready for bed compared to 63 percent of moms, the moms polled said they were better at giving the kids a bath and getting them dressed for bed. And they got the kids out of the bathroom a whole two minutes faster than dads (*polishes crown*). The average time for dads? 17 minutes.

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  • And no, you're not a crappy parent if you let your kid fall asleep in his clothes or are too tired to brush once in a while.

    Half of the parents in the study admitted that sometimes they're just too tired to make sure the nighttime checklist gets checked off completely. And 48 percent said even when they do go through the motions, their children don't brush, floss, or dress themselves well enough, so Mom or Dad have to help with a do-over round.

    Hang in there, moms and dads. Yes, getting the kids ready for bed is a major time suck. But at least we know we're all in this same boat together.