Woman Hysterically Trolls Soccer Moms After Accidentally Being Added to Group Text

Christi Rantis Lally/Facebook

When Christi Rantis Lally found herself accidentally added to a group text with a bunch of parents for a children's soccer team, rather than tell them they had the wrong number, the makeup artist decided it was the perfect opportunity to practice what not to do as a parent for when she has kids later in life. She pretended to be a super braggy mom who thinks her kid is the best one on the team, and needless to say, the other moms in the group text were not pleased. Wrong? Yes. Hysterical? Also yes.

  • When Christi gets a text about a soccer coach wanting to meet with parents after practice, she boldly states her kid is the best on the team.

    Remember, Christi doesn't even have a child -- she found herself on this group text completely by accident. But to declare your kid better than all the rest? Those are fighting words.

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  • Right away, a parent steps up to challenge Christi as to why she thinks her (imaginary) child is so great. "He has raw talent," she responds.

    Raw talent. She might not have kids, but her imitation of an obnoxious humble-brag mom is spot-on. She goes on to explain that her kid is playing for this particular team not because he can't do better, but more as a public service, really. I'm dying, but the poor parents are fuming at this point. 

  • Then she takes a dig at participation trophies, just for funsies.

    The parents start to get fed up with her antics and say that they'd love to discuss all of this with her in person at the meeting.

  • Still Christi refuses to confess to her prank. Instead she plays dumb, pretending that her disdain for the team snacks is why the parents are upset.

    trolling soccer mom texts
    Christi Rantis Lally/Facebook

    Remember, she's never even been to a single game, but criticizing the snacks is below the belt! 

  • The parents start to defend their own kids, claiming that Christi's child isn't as good as she claims.

    Now they're all being ridiculous! None of these parents knows which phone number belongs to which parent/child, so they have no way of knowing if the best player's parent is in fact the mom who's doing all this bragging. (And we know it's not!) 

  • Then she drags the good name of Cristiano Ronaldo into this mess. Leave him and his dimples out of this!

    She claims the professional soccer star was impressed with her child's skills. At this point I'm surprised the other parents aren't calling her out for being a liar. My friends were smart enough to figure out I was lying when I said NKOTB came to my house on my birthday, and we were second graders. 

    Hopefully the parents put the pieces together when braggy mom was a no-show at the soccer team meeting. And now Christi definitely knows what not to do when her future kids sign up for sports.