This Disturbing Video Will Make You Throw Out All of Your Kid's Bath Toys STAT

Viva Frei/

We think of the tub as the place where our kids go to get squeaky clean, but as it turns out there might be some seriously dirty and dangerous things in there with them. After making a horrifying bathroom discovery, YouTube user Viva Frei cut open his kid's rubber ducky on camera to warn parents, and the mold and other nastiness growing inside will have you running for the trash can. 


"Child's toy or moldy death trap?" Frei asks, holding a rubber ducky out to the camera. "Let's see." As he slices into the duck with a scissor (somewhere, Ernie from Sesame Street is weeping), he explains that while his child was in the tub, he noticed a "discolored, watery substance" was coming out of ducky's mouth. Suspecting it might be mold, he decided to slice the toy open and find out.

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As he feared, the toy is indeed filled with dark, black mold. Excuse me while I go set all my kids' bath toys on fire and coat the tub in bleach. 

If you're like me, you squeeze all the water out of the bath toys as the tub drains and assume that they dry out before the next bath. After all, they're bath toys -- they must be designed to do that, right? Wrong, apparently. As Frei shows us, they never really dry out, and all that moisture turns into mold, which means our kids are basically spraying tiny pieces of mold all over themselves while they play in the tub. (Gags)

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I'm crossing my fingers that my kids are well-behaved today so I can "reward" them with some foam letter bath toys, this way I can tell myself that the lack of holes will be better than their duckies at warding off fungus. Right? Maybe? Let's hope. And here's to the day when all our kids are old enough for showers, and can leave the rubber ducks (and their hidden mold!) behind. 

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