Dads Sound Off on This Ridiculous Onesie That Makes Fathers Look Like Idiots


More dads than ever take on their fair share of parenting tasks. But in spite of the fact that you'll see just as many dads as moms pushing the stroller around the mall these days, the stereotype of a father as a babysitter who's barely hanging on until Mom swoops in to rescue the baby is alive and well. One involved dad showed proof of the dumb-dad joke on a onesie in a recent Reddit post, and lots of dads chimed in to explain why they weren't laughing. 

  • Reddit user newdad816 posted a photo of a "Daddy-proof" onesie with arrows for the arms and legs so Dad won't have any trouble getting it on.

    "Just have to say, F--k clothes like this," he captioned the snap. The photo has been upvoted over 2,600 times and has over 500 comments so far. Dad and moms alike chimed in to air their annoyance over the ways dads are treated as the "lesser" parent in public. 

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  • Some dads were quick to point out that while they weren't the one that carried the baby, they considered their parenting skills superior to Mom's.

    We'd argue with him, but if a dad wants to claim he's better at changing diapers -- more power to you, dude.

  • Others pointed out how sick and tired they are of being called the babysitter. It's called parenting, same as when Mom does it.

    This cashier's really lucky Dad didn't say what he was really thinking.

  • And one dad noted out how oblivious people can be to evidence of children that are right in front of them.

    Parents already have a stroller, diaper bag, toys, and the baby to juggle. Please do not try to give us an extra piece of paper we don't need and will absolutely lose three seconds after leaving the store.

  • These onesies may seem funny to some people, but for dads changing diapers and pulling all-nighters with their kids, they're a slap in the face.

    Dads are parents, too, full stop. They're not babysitters or nannies. Sexist onesies like these need to get taken out with the dirty diapers.

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