Mom's Ridiculously Complicated Peanut Butter Sandwich 'Hack' Is Getting Hilariously Trolled

peanut butter sandwich hack
Food Network/Facebook

When it comes to quick and simple kid foods, it doesn't get much easier than the peanut butter sandwich. Bread, knife, a jar of your favorite spread (or nut-free option, if there are allergies to consider), and bam -- lunch is served. You could get fancy with jam or sliced fruit, but you don't have to. The PB sammy is lazy parenting at its finest. But apparently the Food Network disagrees. Its video called "How to Make Peanut Butter Slices" is a parenting hack no one needs or asked for. 


In the video (which I had to watch twice to make sure it wasn't an SNL parody), Bev Weidner of Bev Cooks explains how the bane of her existence is when the bread tears while she makes peanut butter sandwiches. To solve her issues, she created this "easy" method of making frozen slices of peanut butter to lay across the sandwich, like a slice of cheese.

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I'm not sure what kind of Thor-like grip Bev has on her knife that she's making breadcrumbs every time she tries to make her kids lunch, but tearing bread while making a PB&J isn't an issue that keeps me awake at night. Plus, even if the bread does rip, that's the beauty of peanut butter -- it's nature's glue. Stick the sandwich back together, flip it over so the bad side's on the bottom, and throw some Goldfish on the plate as a distraction. Or, you could follow Bev's 87-step plan to make frozen peanut butter slices instead.

First, she wrestles peanut butter onto parchment paper in giant blobs. Then she folds the paper over the peanut butter and uses a rolling pin to smooth it all out. Next, the giant rectangle of PB makes its way into the freezer ... overnight. The next morning she uses scissors to cut the now-frozen peanut butter into squares.

Parchment paper? A rolling pin? Kitchen shears? How did making a two-ingredient sandwich become a 24-hour process? Go home, Food Network, you're drunk. 

I'm not the only one who thinks Bev is well overdue for a solo mom trip to Target. Facebook is filled with comments from parents who also don't understand why we need a "hack" for the world's easiest sandwich. 

I wonder if she has a hack for opening a carton of OJ?

If you Google "artisanal ice cube recipe" you get over 500,000 results... 

This woman just gave Bev the idea for her next video: The pasta hack. 

Please be joking ... please be joking ...

Her version sounds better:

Thank you, Bev and Food Network. You may not have found a way to save parents time in the kitchen, but you certainly gave us a laugh.

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