What This Mom Wants the Parents Who Judged Her at the Park to Know About Shaming

child in red slide
For most parents, it's hard to admit that your young children aren't "babies" anymore. Even though you want to protect them, letting them grow up means letting them take risks and be adventurous. But it's not always easy to do that when you have to contend with judgment from other parents. When one mom on Instagram recently took her 1-year-old to the playground, she knew the little girl was ready to hit the jungle gym with her older brother. However, some people had a problem with that, and after judgmental parents tried to shame her, this mom is speaking out about the adults who need to back off instead of trying to guilt other moms at the playground.


This impassioned mom wrote that her toddler wanted to play on the jungle gym with her brother, and since there was only one other kid there, she allowed it. "It's not like she was swinging from the monkey bars so why not?! I was right there anyway. But of course here comes the mom judging," she wrote on Instagram. "'Oh no! You gotta watch the baby!' 'She is too little' 'Ooooohh she's gonna fall.' I hate when other moms think it's okay to speak on what I'm doing with MY KIDS."

little kid on a slide
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She explained that despite the strangers' disapproval, her daughter wasn't in danger and she didn't ask for any other adult's opinion on her parenting. "I was watching my daughter. Literally standing right next to her. She was completely fine," she wrote. "Did she stumble and fall sometimes? Of course. But so did my son. They are kids. Not glass figurines."

Obviously, this mom is more of an expert on what her 1-year-old is capable of than anyone else, and she isn't afraid to let her daughter explore the world around her. "What, is she supposed to sit in a stroller at the playground? Ummm no!" she wrote.

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Most importantly, she knows that she shouldn't be criticized for her parenting decisions and that her girl doesn't need to be told she can't do something; the only thing they both deserve is respect.

"So fellow moms, let's not judge, just uplift. Encourage each other! Look out for each other," she wrote. "What's good for my child may not be okay for your child and that's okay."

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