Mom's Emotional Post on Raising a Fearless Girl in a Terrifying World Is a Must Read

Before death counts were tallied and details of the mass shooting in Las Vegas came flooding in, one mom was already wishing that October 2 was over. The night before, someone was shot on her quiet and "safe" street just down the road from a police station. She went to sleep knowing that a woman she met while getting her daughter Gigi off the school bus was shot by her boyfriend on the sidewalk, right across from where she and Gigi had been playing an hour earlier. When she woke up the next morning, the first thing she saw was that a lone shooter had killed 59 and injured another 527.


This mom was lucky that her child was tucked safely in bed and that they weren't involved in either incident, but that doesn't mean the devastating news didn't hit her hard as a parent. "All day I have felt sort of foggy, not able to concentrate," she wrote on Instagram. "I physically didn't feel good tonight ... I'm sure my sadness contributed to that."

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Like many parents, she hopes that the next day's sunrise brings with it a better tomorrow, because she brought a life into this world and she wants better for her child than what we're currently seeing. "One without all the violence and hate that has become common place in my daughter's world. Only she doesn't know yet," she wrote. "It breaks my heart thinking about that. She truly is a fearless girl but in this world there are plenty of things to be fearful of." 

In addition to thinking about the lives lost and their grieving families, she can't help but hope that the pain swirling around Gigi never penetrates her unknowing, happy bubble. "I pray she always stays brave and bold but that she never has to experience real terror," she wrote.

However, after spending a day engulfed in sadness, Gigi's mom refuses to let the fear and frustration control how she parents. "We are allowed to be sad but must not be hopeless and must not let terrorists win," she wrote. Instead of focusing on the killer or just "praying for Las Vegas," she sees that there are ways people can actually make a difference for the future of their children.

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This mom is urging others to start working to prevent another similarly horrific act from ever happening again -- instead of just talking about it. "If you want to help, donate blood, money, call your representatives and demand a change in policy, be mindful," she wrote. "Be there for people, ask them how they are doing, and really stop what you are doing and LISTEN."

As parents hug their little ones tighter in the wake of this tragedy, their actions now will impact what type of childhood these kids will have. Will there be defining moments that shatter their innocence thanks to a stranger with a gun? If it's up to this fed-up mom, October 2017 will be the last time that ever happens.

"I want to make this a better world for my daughter. Will you help me?” she wrote.  

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