The 1 Thing Never to Say to a Busy Mom -- We're Looking at You, Dads

man and pregnant woman doing dishes

One of the most maddening aspects of being a parent is having to repeat yourself multiple times to get your child to listen to you and do whatever tasks needs to be completed. However, when it's not just your kids but also your partner who waits to help out until he is directly asked to, that takes things to a new level of frustrating. For those spouses who don't mind pitching in but somehow have selective vision about what needs to be done, they are creating a slow burn of torture for the mom who has to keep it all together and dictate to both her kids and spouse.

  • One anonymous mom vented that the worst thing her husband can say is "If you want me to do something, just tell me."

    "Why do I always have to be the one that thinks about what needs doing domestically? Like what cleaning needs doing, or that we're about to run out of bread, or that we need to buy a present for a party at the weekend," she wrote. "Why can't he ever work out for himself that if the laundry bin is full that probably means we need to put some laundry on without me having to specifically point it out?"

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  • "He's 36 and not an idiot. Surely he can take responsibility for thinking about what needs to be done without me having to specifically ask?"

    She started a thread on Mumsnet to ask if she's being unreasonable for hating that phrase so much and getting frustrated over her husband's delayed help. "I know I'm lucky that he will do stuff if I ask him to do it which is better than some men, but I just find it so irksome that it's never off his own back," she wrote. "He always has to be asked to do something."

    Many are chiming in as the topic of women not nagging, but simply being fed up with doing it all and carrying the mental load for their spouses, is going viral.

  • Fellow moms who are sick of carrying the mental burden are cheering this fed-up mom on.

  • But there are still others who don't see the big deal in communicating her needs as long as he is willing to do what she asks for.

  • For these guys who don't get it, it's time to start helping with the parenting instead of acting like another child for Mom to take care of.

  • And while these wives are trying to change their husbands' mindsets, it's important to remember that the example you set is shaping the next generation's perspectives.