Mom's Two Drastically Different Thoughts About This Photo Will Have You Cheering

house after kids
Sitting in her pajamas and taking a look at her living room -- and the toys scattered across the floor, the laundry sticking out of the couch, and the half-finished projects scattered about -- Lacey Ralston had two completely conflicting thoughts. But instead of keeping her feelings about the aftermath that life with two kids has left in her home, this mom from Canada snapped a picture of it as she contemplated both sides of how she felt.


On one hand, Lacey was completely fed up with the mess and her kids for letting it get so bad. "I'm f*cking tired. I'm tired of asking everyone to pick up, including myself. I'm tired of living in chaos," Lacey wrote on Instagram. "I'm a horrible housewife. I'm at a loss. I feel discouraged. I'm embarrassed. I want a nap. I'm f*cking tired."

messy house with kids

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It's easy to relate to this sentiment of throwing your hands up and just wanting to be done, especially when your little people start to incorrectly confuse "mom" with "maid."

But just like with motherhood itself, there are multiple sides to what this photo captured -- and they start to blur. "As I type, my eldest is doing the dishes. My youngest is playing with cars quietly at my feet. They are happy," she wrote. "I'm taking a well-deserved break and sitting on my ass. My kids are happy and very much loved."

Everything in motherhood isn't black and white or right and wrong. This photo captures that a messy home isn't automatically bad, and that feeling completely exhausted at night doesn't make your day any less good. "This picture shows that we have fun in this house, that we have jobs and that we are busy ensuring [that we] and our children experience life," she wrote.

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Instead of letting the mess get to her, or allowing her frustration with herself and her kids ruin the day that they had, Lacey is making the decision to let it go along with any guilt that might come along with it. "Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves? I think we do it more than society does: In our heads trying to be the perfect wife, mother, daughter, friend or employee," she wrote. "Today I take a break. Tonight I take a bath."

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