Mom Gets Real About How She Put Her Vagina Back Together After Baby

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Giving birth is an amazing experience, but there's no question that pushing out a child (or children) can cause some serious structural damage to your lady box. Whether sex doesn't feel like it used to, your bladder betrays you on the regular, or things just don't look the same down there, it's understandable that after having kids, a woman might want to spiffy up her undercarriage. Ads and commercials make vaginal rejuvenation procedures look easy. But as one mom found out, surgery isn't always the best solution.


Melanie Hearse loves her two children, but she knew her vagina battled harder than an MMA fighter during her vaginal deliveries. In a post for, she shared how her youngest was over 10 lbs, leaving her with a torn perineum and an OB who actually commented at her six-week post-delivery followup, "Dear God, tell me you're not having sex with that?"

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The doctor apologized for the word vomit and Hearse eventually got to a point where she could go to an exercise class without fear that she would accidentally pee on herself mid jumping jack (been there!). Even so, with her kids now a few years old, things in her lady basement still didn't feel right.

So she turned to the last place anyone should go to for medical advice, yet the first place we all turn to anyway -- the Internet. Call it progress, call it science, call it the Kardashian effect, but according to the Internet the best way for moms to regain tone and tightness in their vagina is through surgery, lasers, or putting magic crystal eggs up your baby chute.

Hearse thought that for a busy working mom like herself, the surgical option seemed very appealing. Not only was it a quick fix for your lady bits, but you also get at least a day's guaranteed quiet away from the kids and someone's making you meals for a change, even if it is hospital food. 

She gathered her courage to broach the subject with her doctor and was met with a double dose of bad news. Not only did her doctor dash her dreams of taking a couple days' rest after a procedure, but the doc also told her that although quick fixes of surgery seem great, we women are more complex than that.

You should check with your own doctor if you're looking to redecorate your own downstairs (yes, the conversation might be embarrassing, but you deserve to be happy with your body, so suck it up and say something!), but don't be surprised if you're told that a boring old individualized physical therapy plan instead of surgery or one of the trendy things you see on Insta is the best course of action to get your vagina back on point.

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For Hearse, who has a slight prolapse and loose muscles, she didn't need surgery or shoving jade eggs up herself like a chicken. Instead she does doctor-approved pelvic floor exercises five times a day using a phone alarm to remind her when it's time to get her squeeze on.

It's not as sexy as saying you use the same jade eggs as Gwyneth or had a "virgin laser" like Kourtney, but that's motherhood, right? Putting in the boring work behind the scenes. But if those exercises really do make a difference in the bedroom, at least this time you know your hard work won't go unappreciated. 

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