Why This Boy's Request for a Band-Aid Made His Mom's Stomach Drop

mom with her boys
Sanctification and Spitup/Facebook

Five minutes before it was time to leave for school, one of Quinn's boys asked if he could have a Band-Aid to cover a blister. With the clock ticking to get everyone out the door on time, this mom of four rushed to grab the special tin from their medicine cabinet -- without realizing that she was soon going to be the one left aching with a kind of pain every mother must eventually come to grips with. 


Quinn pulled out a fun themed Band-Aid. "The designed ones always make the boo boos better, I think to myself," Quinn wrote on her Facebook page, Sanctification and Spitup. "In mid-thought, my son interrupts with, 'Mom, are there any plain ones?'"

kids band aid
Sanctification and Spitup/Facebook

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If possible, her child didn't want a Band-Aid that had a design on it -- and his simple request completely caught Quinn off-guard. It instantly slowed down the chaos of this busy morning, and everything else seemed to come to a stop. "My half drunk coffee turns in my stomach. I turn and look at his face," she wrote. "'But you always like the designed ones when you have a boo boo?' I question and demand all at once."

Quinn had a sudden flash: First it was Elmo, then Curious George, then Transformers, and most recently Star Wars. Memories of corresponding birthday parties that followed these same themes came flooding back.

"'Yeah, mom. Maybe when I was four I liked the designs.' He smiles back with his dimples on full display," she wrote. 

"But you are still..." She paused for a moment, but her son quickly filled in the blank as the words caught in her throat. "'Nine. I'm nine now, Mom. So do you mind if I just take the plain one?'" she wrote. "I couldn't help but smile and hug him. I guess you aren't as little as I still want you to be, I think."

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But just as quickly as Quinn's mind started to jump ahead to graduations and his wedding day, he interrupted her thoughts with the exact words that she needed to hear in that moment. "'Mom, will you wrap it around my toe? I still need your help with that part,'" she wrote. "He may be too old for characters, but he still needs me for the wrap. And I'll take it."

So, Quinn carefully wrapped his blister the best that she could, and summed up the rush of emotions every mom feels in that moment when she realizes her kids aren't going to need her one day. "Thank you God for the times that remind us to appreciate all the moments in parenthood. Because even the hardest are fleeting."

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