Every Mom Needs This Woman's Reminder to 'Keep Walking' & Don't Look Back

Jordan Harrell/Facebook

It doesn't matter how many kids you have, from the moment you give birth, life starts feeling like a never-ending struggle to find the balance between doing things for your family and still taking care of yourself. Unfortunately, as many moms know all too well, making the decision to make time for yourself is only half of the battle. Following through with it -- without feeling guilty -- is an entirely different beast.


No matter how many things you have piling up on the to-do list or how loud your little one cries, Jordan Harrell is urging moms to put the kids down and walk out that door without giving it a second thought. As a mom of three, Jordan knows just how difficult that can be but wants to remind other women that they don't need permission to do it.

"Keep walking, mama," she wrote on Facebook. "When you and your husband finally make plans to go on a much-needed date, just the two of you, and you tip-toe out of grandma's house just in time to hear the wails coming from the other side of the door ... Keep walking, mama."

Jordan Harrell/Facebook

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But it doesn't end with the occasional date night, and this simple mantra is something that moms should repeat to themselves throughout the chaos whenever they need to find strength.

"When you've spent two hours getting everyone dressed and fed and hair brushed for church and have assigned 14 timeouts, broken up 11 fights, and shouted, 'WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES' 27 times before you've even had time to turn on the coffee maker," she wrote. "When there's no time left for you to shower so you dry shampoo the heck out of a top-knot and grab your makeup bag to do it in the car. When you arrive wondering why the hell you make the effort in the first place .... Keep walking, mama." 

Despite how difficult it can be to do something for yourself, Jordan wants moms to find the strength to just put one foot in front of the other. "When you haven't worked out in months (years?) because #ugh and you finally muster up the motivation and courage to go and you walk up to the childcare counter and hand your toddler over and you're pretty sure the whole workout facility can hear the bloodcurdling screams and you see a glint of fear in the college-aged worker's eyes..." she wrote. "Keep walking, mama." 

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What you do after you get those feet moving forward is just as important as those first initial steps. "Do not look back. Do not feel guilty. They are loved. They are cared for. They are fine," she wrote. "They are learning valuable lessons about trust and independence and you are learning valuable lessons about trust and independence." 

It's also important for moms to realize that they don't just need time for themselves, they also need to be able to recognize just how much they deserve it. "So keep walking, mama. And when you come back, you will be a better mama than the one who walked away," she wrote.

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