This Couple Wins for Scariest Gender Reveal Ever

Gavin Holt/

Judy and Gavin Holt are expecting a baby around Thanksgiving. Instead of the tears of joy that come with a traditional gender reveal featuring balloons or a cake, this couple wanted to see shrieks of terror from their friends and family. They've created an epic horror movie trailer gender reveal that's unlike anything you've ever seen. 

  • The husband-and-wife photography duo became an Internet sensation in 2015 when they released a scary movie trailer announcing they were expecting.

    Their daughter, Remy, is now 18 months old and going to be a big sister. So they filmed this gender reveal styled as a horror movie trailer, and even in the middle of the day with all of the lights on, it's legit creepy.

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  • The video starts off with the chilling image of a pregnant Judy and Remy waiting for dad to come home.

    I wait outside with my kids for my husband all the time because it's a nice change of scenery. Never realized how much I looked like a serial killer. Sorry, honey!

  • Via voice over, Judy explains that they're pregnant. The couple starts discussing options for revealing the baby's gender to everyone.

    While they discuss, little Remy checks out the names of kids who lived in the house before them that are etched in the concrete outside. Ghost kid names? This can't be good.

  • Things start to get supernatural fast. Look at her reflection! Chills.

    Seriously, you could pay for a babysitter and go see Flatliners, or you could just watch this gender reveal. 

  • In a moment that will have you screaming "Nooooo," Judy suggests they ask a Ouiji board what sex the baby will be.

    Just like in a real scary movie, the board freaks out. Instead of telling them boy or girl, it spells "get out" over and over. Special effects for a baby gender announcement? These two put pink and blue cupcakes to shame.

  • From there, the music gets creepier, ghost things start happening, and Remy walks into a wall of scary lights that I'm sure was safe but who knows.

    If you're not hiding behind your fingers at this point, you're a hero.

  • As if all of this wasn't scary enough already, some terrifying headless mannequins show up to announce the baby's gender.

    No spoilers here (if I have to be this scared, so do you), but we will say that yes, by the end of the video we do know if Remy is having a little brother or sister.

    We also know that we will absolutely be sleeping with the lights on.