This Mom Whose Son Flashed Her Butt at Starbucks Wins for Worst Day Ever

Mom Babble by Mary Katherine Backstrom/Facebook

Kids. Sometimes they embarrass the pants off of you -- literally.


Mom Mary Katherine Backstrom of the blog Mom Babble shared how a recent Starbucks run with her son, whom she calls Nugget, turned into an impromptu peep show for everyone who was waiting in line for their PSL fix. Fair warning -- there's tons of secondhand embarrassment ahead.

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Mom Babble by Mary Katherine Backstrom/Facebook

She explains how the day was already not off to the best start. "So I am in line at Starbucks today, completely hangry because I forgot to eat lunch," she writes. "Nugget is with me, climbing on the walls, because he also forgot something rather important: how to nap."

Ah yes, the overtired child. You'd think they'd chill out and snuggle up to you, but somehow being exhausted gives them more energy. There's no predicting what a kid will do when they're overdue for a nap. Which somewhat explains the horror that happened next.

"I walk up to the barista, order a nuclear dose of caffeine, a snack for the kiddo, and then ... I feel a cool breeze. On my butt."

I KNOW, RIGHT? It's the nightmare of being naked in public, but it's actually happening. And if you're thinking she could just pull her dress down, grab her latte, and make a run for it, just wait, because it gets worse.

Backstrom quickly realized there was no easy way to fix her unintentional flasher situation. "It takes just a second for me to realize that my son has lifted my dress over his head, and is wearing it like a hat, with my granny panties and dimpled behind flashing for the entire world to see," she says. 

But she can't lift him out from under the dress and pray that no one saw, because he has also wrapped the dress around himself like a mummy. "In that one second, he also spun around, and this is going to be hard to explain but: my son wrapped his head up like a dumdum with my dress and he was ABSOLUTELY WIGGING OUT because, 'MOMMY I CANT BWEEEETH!!!!'"

And of course all of this happened right when it was her turn to order. Can you imagine trying to remember that a medium is called a grande while your butt is blowing in the breeze and your kid is in a cocoon writhing next to your hip? 

Luckily, she managed to get Nugget extracted from her dress before he ran out of air and before someone called the cops on her for indecent exposure. And as an added bonus, when she went to pay for her order, the barista told her her bill had already been paid by a mystery gentleman. "The man said to tell you that 'He's a fan,'" said the barista. 

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Free coffee is always nice, but in this particular situation Backstrom will forever have lingering questions. "Now I'll always have to wonder if he's a fan of this page, a fan of my parenting, or just a fan of that family circus that travels around Florida showing the world that no matter how bad your day is, you could always be a mom whose child got stuck in her dress, revealing her behind to an entire Starbucks," she reflects.

We're so happy for her that she wasn't wearing a thong.

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