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  • "Is it just me or is there a lot of people who think they have some right to see a squishy newborn??" an anonymous mom wrote on Mumsnet.

    "My friends have sent messages saying congratulations, let us know when I'm up for visitors / meeting up etc.," she wrote. "Lovely. But family, especially family that you don't see much of normally, expect to come round and see you when the baby is a couple of days old. There is never any question of 'is mom ready for it?' Or is it convenient?? No of course not!!"

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  • Despite her initial hard stance, the mom revealed she did allow the grandparents to come stay with her for the first two weeks -- not that it helped.

    "My folks have tried to help out with chores, etc. but to be honest, at this moment in time I don't give a sh*t about the washing etc. as long as [my oldest daughter] has her uniform. Lawn can be mowed next week/month/year," she wrote. "I just want to have cuddles with both of my girls. I want my [dear husband] to have the chance to look after me and bond with his new daughter instead of making endless cups of tea."

  • Although many moms can relate to wanting to recover without having to worry about entertaining guests, her visitor ban has sparked heated debate.

  • Some feel strongly about letting people come over -- and appreciating it while the offers to help are still coming.

  • Others agree that this mom should lay down the law and just say no.

  • No matter what, all parents are different and entitled to their opinions -- without being criticized.