A Hero Nurse Delivered a Woman's Baby at Target During an Unforgettable Shopping Trip

 nurse helps deliver baby in target
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Everyone loves a good birth story, and although every delivery is incredible, there are some you'll never forget. Whether it's women giving birth in the front seat of their car or babies being born in the amniotic sac, these deliveries are just as inspiring as they are shocking. However, the story of this woman who delivered her baby during a Target shopping trip -- and the nurse who helped her do it -- may just be the most incredible one yet. 


What started out as a normal shopping trip at a local Target turned out to be much more exciting for labor and delivery nurse Caris Lockwood when another shopper went into labor right in the store.

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Caris was shopping with her mother and sister at a Target in Atlanta, Georgia, when her mom came across a heavily pregnant woman who looked to be in pain. Her mom approached the stranger to see if she was okay, but Tanya St. Preaux wasn't too worried about her contractions. "She mentioned that she needed to get a few things, then 'might' go to the hospital to be checked since her contractions seemed to be getting strong," Caris's mom, Lisa Bozeman, told Fox 5 News. 

Lisa encouraged Tanya to speak to her daughter Caris, who was also in the store. From there, things progressed pretty quickly.

"We urged her friend to go ahead and bring the car to the entrance and we were helping her to the car. Her contractions and pain were increasing as we walked with her to the car," Lisa said. "Just when we got outside the store her water broke."

By this point, Tanya was in active labor, so Caris had to work fast. She instructed her sister to grab towels and sterile gloves from the store as she prepped the mom-to-be. Seconds after that, Tanya's baby arrived. 

nurse helps mom deliver baby in target
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During the delivery, more medical professionals who were in the store at the time stepped in to offer their help. "The next minute God provided an ER nurse who stopped to assist," said Lisa. "Then, shortly after that a NICU nurse came by and offered to help. Thankfully, she was not needed." 

It wasn't long before the responding paramedics arrived. After allowing Caris to cut the umbilical cord, they rushed both Tanya and her baby to the hospital. 

Born 7 pounds and 10 ounces, the newborn is thriving and Tanya has nothing but gratitude for the nurse who helped bring her child into the world. "Caris was God-sent and amazing. She was sweet and caring and exceeded everyone's expectations. She went way over far and beyond," Tanya told Piedmont Healthcare. 

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While Caris has yet to comment on the incident, her mom said that their families formed a lifelong connection. "We feel so blessed to have been part of this. We have visited the family at the hospital and their home, and plan to have a lifetime of friendship with them," she said. "We love that they are calling us family!"

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