Outraged Mom Says Her 10-Year-Old Daughter Was Given a Pot Brownie at School

pot brownie at school

We worry about our kids all day long while they're at school -- are they making friends, are they doing well in class, is the cafeteria serving the good chicken they like today? But one California mom learned she had an even more terrifying thing to worry about when her 10-year-old came home with a note saying she may have eaten a pot brownie at school


Mom Carrie Watkins, whose daughter attends Beard Elementary School in Modesto, California, was shocked last week when she learned her 10-year-old daughter may have eaten a pot brownie while at an after-school program

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"I'm furious," Watkins told WRAL/Fox 40. "I'm heartbroken because that somewhat steals the innocence of my 10-year-old child."

She says the school principal called her last Thursday before she came to pick up her daughter to let her know that her child may have ingested drugs. While she's not sure if her daughter was high from the snack, the mom says her daughter definitely wasn't herself. "I can tell you that she was acting differently and she did have a stomach ache for the rest of the evening," she said.

The little girl told her mom that a boy in her after-school program offered her a brownie, but she had no idea that it could have been anything other than an ordinary treat. "She told me, 'It didn't taste right, Mom, so I spit it out,'" said Watkins.

Whether or not her daughter actually ingested any drug-laced brownie, the incident is still obviously a scary one. You worry about your little kid getting bullied at an after-school program or being unable to finish her homework -- not having to inspect snacks for signs of THC.

The Modesto school district confirms that while they're not sure if the particular brownie in question contained drugs, there have been other instances of students eating pot brownies in school this year. A high school girl had to visit the hospital earlier this week after eating pot brownies at school. The district declined to release exact numbers as to how many students may have consumed the brownies. "These are two separate incidents and it is absolutely alarming to have drugs on our campuses," a school spokesperson told the news.

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While Watkins is glad her daughter is okay, she stresses that just because many adults use marijuana regularly doesn't make it safe for children. She hopes that schools take this incident as seriously as they would any other drug found on campus. "It's taken care of a lot more lightly than any other drug and I don't think that should be the case when it comes to our children," she said.

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