This Little Girl's Drawings of 'Middle-Aged Batman' Are Winning the Internet

middle age batman

For parents, it's our job to think that whatever our own child does is the best thing ever. We're compelled to post about our kid's skills, even if they're not really that impressive compared to their peers'. But when Amanda Wilbourn recently shared her 11-year-old daughter Presley Leggett's latest artwork on Reddit, everyone agreed that it's amazing. The fifth grader has created a character called "Middle-Aged Batman" that has people everywhere saying, "Me as a cartoon."

  • "Middle-Age Batman" wasn't inspired by Leggett's father (which we're sure he's thrilled about).

    The concept for the pot-bellied crusader came to her while she was hanging out at her grandparents' house with an artist who's a friend of the family. "The artist was trying to sculpt a bust of Batman, but it kept coming out wrong," her mom explained to Babble.

    "Someone said something about it looking like middle-aged Batman, and Presley said, 'No, I'll show you middle-aged Batman!' and began to sketch immediately. As to where she got such a realistic take on that hairy pot belly, I have no idea!"

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  • Middle-Aged Batman is all of us who refuse to admit that it's time to move up to the next size in pants.

    Those suspenders let him cling to the fantasy that he's still a size 36, when really he'd be able to move around Gotham much more comfortably in a 38, or even a 40.

    He's the type of dude who'll go to the gym, do some curls, stand around for few minutes, walk over to the machine you were going to use, sit down, stand back up, walk back over to the weights, pick one up, do a few more curls, and declare himself done and in need of a protein shake.

  • He's traded in his six-pack abs for a different type of six-pack, but he'll never, ever give up his cape.

    What makes Leggett's drawings so great is how they're both so technical (the detail on that hairy belly is spot-on!) and so accurate at representing a character. While there may not be any confirmed sightings of an actual Batman among us, we all know (or live with) a man that rocks a killer dad-bod just like this.

  • What started out as a proud mom's post showcasing her kid's talent has snowballed into something amazing.

    Wilbourn's post has gotten over 13,000 points on Reddit, with over 15,000 comments. People relate to Middle-Aged Batman and his beer belly so much that she says they're looking into putting the artwork on T-shirts.

  • When some people couldn't believe that an 11-year-old could be so talented, Wilbourn shared a video of Leggett in action.

    Not only are her drawing skills impressive, but my jaw is dropping at the way she uses technology to create her art. No pencils or sketchpads here -- it's all digital. Her mom told Babble that Presley dreams of working as an animator for Disney one day. It seems like she's well on her way.

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