This Newborn's Viral Photo Has an Unexpected Warning for New Moms

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There's nothing more thrilling than the birth of a baby, and it's understandable to want to take pictures throughout the process and share them with loved ones and even on social media as soon as the newborn has made his or her grand entrance. However, a recent viral photo proves you need to be careful and not get too caught up in the excitement.

  • A newborn photo is making jaws drop across the Internet because of the accidental fail it showcases.

    At first glance, it seems like a standard newborn hospital photo -- but people quickly spotted a major issue.

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  • Do you see what the poster missed in the background?

    The new mom can be seen in a compromising position behind the newborn's head. With her legs still in the birthing position, she appears to be not quite finished with the process as this excited onlooker snaps a first picture of the baby. 

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  • That's right, the photo caught the new mom and her postpartum lady bits still in action.

    Not much is known about the memorable photo aside from what it shows -- a doctor or nurse holding a newborn in the delivery room with an unintentional background. After the image was shared on the Bubs Warehouse International Facebook page, it quickly spread over social media as a warning of what not to do after your baby is born.

    The cringeworthy snapshot is striking a chord with many online as a warning for partners or family members in the delivery room to check surroundings before posting anything on social media or sending pics to loved ones. "Some people are in such a hurry to put the picture of baby on Facebook. They just forget some things before posting," the snapshot was captioned. 

    This photo "mistake" is inspiring some moms-to-be to institute a no-social-media rule in the birthing room, while others are tagging partners and friends for an imporantant reminder to seriously double-check any picture they take before sending it out.

  • Surprisingly, many women can relate to this mom because of overly excited grandmas or dads who took pictures without realizing what they caught.

  • As if new moms haven't been through enough, they shouldn't have to worry about their vaginas ending up on social media!

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