This Mom Breaking Down Her Insanely Hectic Morning Is Literally All of Us

Blogger Liz Petrone
Liz Petrone/Facebook

You'd think doing the same thing every morning would get easier, yet each weekday we find ourselves dragging the kids out of bed, doing the "please brush your teeth" plea, and hunting down lost homework and sneakers. For any mom who's ever wondered just how much energy your average morning takes (or if you're looking for a way to silence the next person who asks "but what do you do all day?"), one mom broke down her entire morning routine. Just reading it will make you tired.


Blogger Liz Petrone has four kids. Like many moms, she spends her morning frantically getting them ready for school. "This morning I woke four sleepy humans. Some I gently patted, some I prodded, and one I pulled the covers off and tried to roll onto the floor when the pat and the prod fell short. I'm not proud of that last one," she writes.

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Liz Petrone
Liz Petrone/Facebook

Of course there's keeping the house clean, too. "I made five beds, one twice because someone snuck into it and tried to go back into sleep. It *may* have been me."

In the middle of all this she's also trying to shower and dress herself, find the wet pull-up before the entire house starts to smell like a sewer, and help her daughter select an outfit that won't get her called into the school office on a dress code violation -- or worse. 

Then, in a move we can all relate to, she yells at the kids to stop yelling. "I yelled 'Stop screaming! You'll wake the neighbors!' loud enough to wake the neighbors. Many, many times."

Exhausted yet? Can't stop now or we'll be late for school!

"I drove to school once to drop the bigs off and back again a little later to drop off the stuff the bigs forgot." Ah yes, the double drop-off because someone forgot his or her homework.

Even after her two younger ones were (finally) off on their respective buses, her work still wasn't done. Because we all know that when the kids are gone is when cleanup begins. "I cleaned their breakfast out of my car and my kitchen and my hair," she writes. "I dismantled pillow forts and unhooked Paw Patrol underwear from table lamps and threw in a load of laundry and reapplied the lip gloss I'd left on four cheeks in goodbye kisses." 

She does all this before 9:00 a.m. Sound familiar?

Petrone reveals that by the time she's finally settled in her desk chair, her Fitbit says she's walked two and a half miles. "All just to get us ready and out of the house," she writes. "And if walking 2.5 miles and not actually making it anywhere at all ain't exactly what this stage of life looks like I don't what is."

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Petrone explains that listing out her morning to-do list isn't about wanting sympathy. She's grateful for her children's health, her job, and the fact that she doesn't have more on her plate to handle. "I am lucky to be healthy enough myself to mostly manage all this," she writes.

Her point is to acknowledge that no matter what the rest of your day looks like, by the time many people are starting their morning, most moms have already put in literally miles of hard work, and we deserve some credit for our efforts.

"To ALL the mamas, I'm raising my cup of (now cold) coffee. You keep on doing you, sister, whatever that looks like. Unless it looks like judgment. Ain't nobody got time for that ish. Some of us have work to do."

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