Mom Gets Real About the 'Sweet Moment' Between Dad & Baby That Left Her Infuriated

Breastfeeding Mama Talk / Facebook

What some might see as a candid and adorable moment between father and son is enough to induce deep fury in one mom -- and she's happy to explain exactly why for those who don't get it. Like many women, at the end of this particularly hectic day with her 5-year-old and teething 2-month-old, all this mom wanted to do was relax on the couch and daydream about the glass of wine she'd be drinking if she wasn't breastfeeding. However, just like for many busy parents, that's not at all how her night turned out.


First, her daughter had swim lessons where her instructor scolded the kindergartner for not listening to instructions. Getting in trouble put the girl in a bad mood, so, naturally, she took it out on Mom. "We all know how dealing with a crabby five-teen year old can be," the anonymous mom shared with Breastfeeding Mama Talk's Facebook page. "All after getting 'THE LOOK' from some of the other parents because my son decided he was hungry while watching his big sister swim."

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After the pool, they packed up and headed home to finally try to "relax" and unwind after the long day. "By unwind I mean cook dinner, bathe children, finish laundry, do the mountain of dishes, and getting eldest to bed," she wrote. "Daddy is home so he is helping out with my son so I can clean up the kitchen."

After finally finishing the dishes, this exhausted mom walked into the living room and this is what she saw: her husband "helping" by napping on the couch, with his feet comfortably propped up and the calm baby in his arms. Although some might take this as an adorable moment between father and son, this mom saw nothing but red and was rightfully pissed.

Breastfeeding Mama Talk / Facebook

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"This is the most loving, sweet, infuriating sight I have ever seen. Some of you may be wondering, 'Why would this be infuriating? It is so sweet to see a dad and his baby cuddling,'" she wrote. "Yes it is! However, I just gave you a run down of my day, which is pretty much an everyday thing, and all I want to do is relax. Maybe have a little me time, you know, being able to pee without someone crying or asking a million questions."

This mom still gets up in the middle of the night for feedings while dad sleeps, and for once, she wants to be the one snuggled up on the couch so relaxed that she accidentally nods off. And being jealous of her sleeping husband doesn't make her a bad mom or mean she loves her family any less. "I am running strictly on Mamma Super Powers and coffee!" she wrote. "My husband is a wonderful man and I love him madly. I also love my tiny humans. Even though I don't have a single second for myself, my body is not my own, and I am everyone's go-to, I love my family more than words could describe and I wouldn't change it for the world."

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However, for other moms who share her rage, she wants you to know that you're justified in being beyond pissed, even if others don't see the problem. "I have been in a bad marriage where this sight would have started a frenzy," she wrote. "I want mamas out there to know that you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed or upset by something so outwardly beautiful."

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