This Dad Just Built His Daughters the Most Epic Playhouse of All Time

dad builds incredible playhouse for daughters
ATB Building Inc./Facebook

For most parents, a playhouse for the kids typically means one of those little plastic structures you pick up at Toys "R" Us and stick somewhere in the backyard. Other people, however, take the term "playhouse" as a literal challenge. Parents like this dad who built his lucky daughters a truly over-the-top playhouse may make the rest of us look bad, but we can't be mad about it. We just want to know if we can come over and play!

  • This gorgeous house may look strangely like your dream home, but it's not for living in...

    Dad Adam Boyd built this sprawling home for his daughters to play in. The 39-year-old father of two used his skills as the founder of a residential remodeling business (ATB Building Inc.) to do something special for his daughters, Violet and Avery.

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  • What started out as an idea to build his girls something cool -- but simple -- quickly transformed into something unbelievable.

    "I wanted to do something special," Boyd told People. "Something they would be proud of and one day tell their friends that their dad built this for them. I got to a point where I just asked myself, 'why stop now.'"

  • After seeing how the playhouse turned out, we feel like there's no way his girls aren't ecstatic about their new "home."

    While the outside of the two-story playhouse looks like something that belongs on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens, the inside is perfectly outfitted with everything two little girls need to have fun. 

  • The "living room" area has plush rugs and comfy couches that are perfect for spending some quality family time together.

    "My wife and I go out there with them almost all the time," Boyd told People. "My wife, Jennifer, will order a pizza and Violet will deliver tea and french fries -- there's been a lot of family fun."

  • While some sections of the walls are painted a pretty pink color, others are covered in chalkboard paint that allows the girls to get creative.

  • The playhouse also has a play kitchen, an adorable little loft, and plenty of space to run around in.

  • Building his daughters their dream play-home hasn't just been great for his family...

  • It's apparently been fantastic for business as well.

    After sharing images of the house on his company's Facebook page, Boyd has received countless messages from other parents inquiring about similar spaces for their own children. This, in turn, prompted a new business venture called Spoiled Rotten Homes, where the father plans to build over-the-top playhouses for other kids. 

    As for any parents who want to follow in his footsteps, Boyd is 100 percent supportive. "If people want to build one themselves, go for it!"

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