Woman's Sister Stole Both of Her Baby Names & the Story Is Seriously Bizarre

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Baby names can be a hot topic in families because everyone has an opinion on the names they think you should use and stay away from. But when they want you to skip a name because it's the one they want to use and you decide to go for it anyway, things can get uncomfortable. However, that's nothing compared to the awkward sibling dynamics between these two sisters, and be warned: Things get a bit strange.

  • A woman wrote on Mumsnet that she named her firstborn son Hayden. Her sister later give birth to a girl and named her Hayden too.

    The anonymous mom then explained that she gave birth two months ago to another baby boy and named him Oliver. Her sister is now pregnant again and she just announced that her second baby will also be named Oliver. It gets even worse from there, because her sister took it as far as giving her kids similar middle names.

    "My Hayden is Hayden Robert and hers is Hayden Rose. My Oliver is Oliver John and hers will be Oliver James (already announced on FB so definitely happening), see how the middle names have the same letter!?" she wrote. "She says I was fortunate enough to fall pregnant first and took her name."

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  • She wants to know if she's being unreasonable for finding this just a "bit" unfair.

    Apparantly her parents and even her husband aren't entirely on her side and don't see much wrong with what the younger sister did. "My mom thinks it's 'nice' but then my name is my aunt's ... My dad thinks it's a bit strange," she wrote. "[Dear husband] just tells me to chill about it but I'm struggling to!"

    However, those who have come across her post online have strong opinions about the nontraditional names for these four cousins. 

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  • Some said she just shouldn't care or let it bother her.

  • But the overwhelming majority agree that this is beyond weird.

  • Even if the grandparents don't realize it yet, if things don't change, it's only going to get more awkward from here...

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