This Viral Photo Shows How Every Mom of a Newborn Should Be Treated

eden grinshpan baby

We've all heard that pregnant moms should pamper themselves in preparation for the long sleepless nights that are a part of life with a newborn. But who says a babymoon has to happen before the baby arrives? Eden Grinshpan, of the Cooking Channel's Eden Eats, just posted a photo of her life as a brand-new mom, and once you see it, you're definitely going to want to get pregnant to follow her lead.


Grinshpan made sure to indulge her pregnancy cravings before baby Ayv was born, and we all get that. Resting that pint of ice cream on your baby bump and savoring those last few days of calm before the chaos that comes with delivery is amazing.

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But where many new parents find their entire focus shifting solely to the baby once he or she arrives, sometimes at the expense of their own well-being, Grinshpan's amazing husband Ido Niv-Ron is making sure that mommy is still taking care of herself. And no, we're not talking about making sure she has time to shower or holding the baby so she can go for a walk (though we're sure he's doing that too). He's preparing her breakfasts in bed that are so good, you'd think the couple was on vacation instead of parenting a newborn. 


Eggs. Fish. Fresh fruits and veggies. We're drooling just looking at that spread. In the photo's caption, Grinshpan explained that thanks to breastfeeding, her appetite has increased, so a morning breakfast of bagels with cream cheese, smoked salmon, and a croissant is a must. Can we eat that every morning even if our babies aren't breastfeeding? Asking for a friend.

Her photo was shared on the Facebook page One Strong Momma, where it quickly gained over 4,000 reactions and was declared "Postpartum goals."

As if this spread wasn't impressive enough, Niv-Ron's pancake game is strong too. 

new mom with breakfast in bed

While part of me is all sorts of jealous (my postpartum breakfasts consisted of cold coffee and granola bars that tasted like sand, which I ate while holding a bottle in each hand, because twins), seeing these photos really makes me want to cheer and start a petition that all new moms must be fed breakfast in bed for the first six weeks after having a baby. At least.

After all, those first few weeks are some of the hardest in a mom's life. Not only are you learning how to care for a new baby, but your body is also recovering from pregnancy and labor and your hormones are going wild. We're so quick to put our own needs last after the baby is born -- how amazing would it be if someone took care of us for a change?

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Push presents are great and all, but the next time your husband asks if there's anything special you want to celebrate your baby's upcoming arrival, show him this photo ... and maybe a box of pancake mix. 

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