The Story Behind This Forgotten Homework Is Literally Your Life

funny homework story

Every parent of a school-age child has dealt with a kid "accidentally" forgetting a project until the night before. Or informing you of his or her desperate need for an item that the teacher told the class to bring weeks ago but your kiddo only just remembered. Or breaking, losing, or leaving an item that is essential for graduating and having a successful life, so it's up to Mom to make miracles happen and save the day (even though it's late at night and stores are closed). If you haven't been in this situation yet, just you wait.


Rachel Pavlik just dealt with a round of school madness that all kids put their parents through, and her infuriating yet typical (and slightly comical) experience is legitimately parenting in a nutshell. Rachel shared her ordeal online because it was just too good not to, and parents everywhere can feel her pain. The relatable saga began when her child made an announcement:

Mom I need a poster board.
I need a poster board! For tomorrow! 
Well it's 9 PM! When in the hell were you planning on telling me?! 
Yeah! I need it now! For tomorrow! I have to have it! *sob
Well go look in the playroom for some...
We don't have anyyy! *sniffle

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With the whining and panic setting in, Rachel headed to CVS on the hunt for a last-minute save. But of course, they were out of white poster boards, because nothing can be easy when you're a mom.

Go to 2nd store 
Buy the white poster board.
Here's your white poster board.
Oh thank you! Thank you. 
I love you. You're the best mama! 
Yeah. I know I am. 
Go to sleep. I love you. 

In the morning, Rachel lovingly reminded her daughter not to forget the poster board. She even carefully rolled it up so that it wouldn't get ruined on the way to school and handed her the poster board to bring. However, that doesn't mean her work as super mom was done:

Be careful with the poster board. 
Time for the bus 
Bye bye love you best day ever 
Kiss kiss 
*Kids walk around the corner to the bus stop.
I'm so glad she got her poster board. Whew. Crisis averted. 
I'm winning at this mom thing 
Yay me. Hero. I'm the best. 
I'm going to go on a walk today 
Beautiful day feeling good. Stretch. I'm walking. 
Turn the corner where the bus stop is... 
Bus came. Kids are gone 
Everyone gone 
Except this 
This. HER G@#%!?#% POSTER BOARD 

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funny homework viral story

It's okay if you don't know whether to cringe or laugh, because every mom can feel her pain. One thing is for sure: Rachel deserves a glass of wine after this! 

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