What Never to Say to Parents With 'Lots' of Kids, According to This Mom of 6

mom of 6
Unremarkable Files/YouTube

All parents deal with annoying comments from strangers about their children, but parents who are outnumbered by their kids get to field the same ridiculous questions from curious faces every time they step out the door.

  • Jenny Evans of the Unremarkable Files blog recently shared a vid showing her honest reactions to some of the wild questions she gets as a mom of six.

    She starts off with one comment that's baffling -- people apologizing to her over her children's existence. "So the other day I was in the grocery store, and I had my 1-year-old and my 5-year-old in the cart with me," Evan says. "Wow, you're busy," said a guy who doesn't know how to enjoy comfortable silence in checkout lines.

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    When Evans informed him that she had four more kids, she heard the sentence that makes her blood boil: "I'm sorry." Come on, dude, not cool. Plus the two kids sitting right there, they can hear you!

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  • "6 kids? That's like having six cats," people have told her.

  • Um, no. Like kids, cats are impossible to herd, but the similarities end there.

    "If I could leave out a litter box and food for my kids all day and be reasonably sure that when I came back there wouldn't be a smoking crater where the house had been, then yeah, maybe it would be like having six cats." 

  • But the question that really made Evans's jaw drop is when someone asked her, "Was that planned?"

  • Really? I mean, really? Who says that to a stranger?

    "You want me to discuss the details of my family planning with a complete stranger in the middle of Kroger?" Evans muses. And really, shouldn't NoseyPants have things to buy and better things to do with their own time? 

  • Hands down the funniest question she fields is when people ask her if she knows how babies are made.

    "I've been really embarrassed about it because I feel like I should know [where babies come from] but I didn't and then I never asked," she imagines saying to these unsuspecting strangers. "Okay, I want you to tell me all about it, I don't want you to leave out any details."

    She's got six kids; by this point she knows enough about the birds and the bees to start her own hive.

  • Even though you might feel like you're the ringmaster to a circus, Evans encourages moms of big families to embrace the chaos and the questions.

    "Let me tell you something, you are not insane," she says, before amending her statement. "Actually, you probably are, but that's just because having kids does something to your brains ... we all do it the same, whether you have one kid or 10 kids. We're just all doing our best."