Teacher Told Her Thigh-High Boots Are 'Inappropriate' & We're Honestly So Confused

teacher told her outfit is inappropriate
Mojo in the Morning/Facebook

Since CafeMom reported on this story, we have identified the woman in the photo as Tina T. of The Fancy Face. She is a beauty blogger and engineer, not a teacher. Her photos were first shared by Fox News radio show Mojo In The Morning in conjunction with a story about a teacher who was reprimanded for her wardrobe, and picked up by multiple outlets. We have since established that the image shown here is not the teacher in question. CafeMom regrets the error.

Sadly, it's common to hear stories of female students being sent home from school because of ridiculously complex dress codes designed to shame girls into wearing potato sacks. But this time a fourth-grade teacher was told her outfit was a distraction to her students, and it's her footwear that's causing the controversy. 


In a now-deleted post, Detroit radio show Mojo in the Morning shared a photo on its Facebook page showing a teacher (with her face hidden) who was told by her school that her outfit wasn't appropriate work wear. 

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"Is this outfit appropriate for a 4th grade teacher? She was told not to wear it to school again," the now-defunct post read.

teacher told boots inappropriate
Mojo in the Morning/Facebook

There's no question that the dress is both super stylish and work appropriate. The teacher is wearing a cowl-neck sweater dress with cap sleeves and a belt. She has thick tights on. There's no excessive cleavage showing, not an inch of leg flesh to be seen. 

So what's the issue? It's her over-the-knee leather boots. While some people think they're totally appropriate for school and wish the shoes were in their own closets (raises hand), school administrators disagreed.

In fact, before the post came down from Facebook, many who weren't a fan of the boots for a school day said the footwear reminded them of another iconic look. "Cute for the bar but not for working in a professional environment. They remind me of the boots Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman. Remember what her profession was?"

According to the Mirror, the post gathered over 2,500 comments and 1,300 reactions before it was removed, with people chiming in on both sides of the argument. 

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Some took issue with the shoes' heels, saying flats would be more appropriate for a classroom environment. Others wrung their hands and fretted that the boys in the classroom might somehow see those boots as a symbol for sex and become distracted by them, even though the woman wearing them is literally old enough to be their mother.

Logical minds pointed out that while over-the-knee boots may have a certain stigma to them, they actually cover up almost the entire leg. 

Boots are pricey, so I fully understand wanting to make a single pair work with as many outfits as possible. Plus, Pretty Woman came out in 1990. The average fourth grader was born in 2007, so the odds of their making that connection are slim to none.

The good news is that this teacher is a grown adult, with the confidence to know that her self-worth isn't attached to her clothing and that the school doesn't always know best. She can shake this off, move on, and come up with another great look for tomorrow. The bad news is that apparently females' being scrutinized for their clothing choices isn't something our society lets us age out of.

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