Why This Mom & Her Toddler Both Ended Up Crying During an Epic Meltdown in TJ Maxx

mom and daughter after tantrum
The Messy Christian/Facebook

When Sherry White's little girl decided to break the record for worst tantrum of all time, she did it in the perfect spot: smack in the middle of TJ Maxx. Why wait until they were back in the house to give mom the home-court advantage? Instead, this smart little one held off until she was in a public place with strangers and breakable items for maximum impact.


"She was irrational, and every parenting trick I had fell to the wayside," White wrote on her Facebook page The Messy Christian. "My heart was beating fast and I was trying not to lose my cool."

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The Messy Christian/Facebook

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Sherry tried scooping her daughter off the floor while keeping her cool, but she quickly realized that she was going to have to ride this fit out -- because at this point, her little one was just too far gone. "I continued to try to control the situation but it was beyond my control. That's saying a lot because I rarely feel that way in any situation," she wrote. "Person after person passed us and I could feel the judgement like the sun burning a hole in me. I just knew they had to be thinking what kind of brat have I raised because I was thinking the same thing."

She admits that her little girl was being defiant and angry for all to see and that the entire situation wasn't at all pretty. Even so, Sherry wasn't prepared for a stranger to approach in the heat of it, and what this older woman said about her parenting caught Sherry completely off guard. "She came over and squeezed my arm and whispered, 'It's okay, you're doing great,'" Sherry wrote.

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Sherry was speechless and quickly turned away from the smiling woman as tears formed in her eyes and started streaming down her face. "Because without knowing it, I needed to hear that. Because I didn't feel like I was doing great. I felt like a total mommy failure with an out-of-control kid," she wrote. "So, there we were both crying."

Her toddler eventually calmed down, and as they both started to recover from the ordeal, Sherry tried to find the woman to thank her for her unexpected support. Unfortunately, the woman had already left the store before Sherry could tell her how much her words meant to her. "I know a lot of times we don't know what to say to people when we see them going through a moment like this, but from now on take a cue from that lady at TJ Maxx," she wrote. "A smile and an encouraging word goes a long way."

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