Dad Lets His Kids Play With His Sex Robot and Just, No

dad with sex doll
Coventry Telegraph

Let's get real: Sex is a normal, natural, amazing part of life. We wouldn't be parents without it, and our lives wouldn't be nearly as fun. Positive sexual education at appropriate ages is also an extremely important part of raising kids, but there are some pretty obvious lines that need to be drawn. One Welsh man has completely obliterated those lines by allowing his children to play with his sex robot.


Thirty-six-year-old Arran Lee Wright appeared on the British television program This Morning on ITV to discuss a pretty controversial topic. The husband and father of two is the proud owner of a female sex robot which he refers to as "Samantha."

Wright, who is also the cofounder of a company that sells lifelike sex robots -- most of which are priced starting at around $2,600 -- even became defensive when host Phillip Schofield said that the robot "felt like a corpse" and would be similar to "making love to a GPS."

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It was then that Wright admitted that he allows his children to play with the doll when she is in "family mode." "Samantha has a family mode," he said. "She can talk about animals, she can talk about philosophy, she can talk about science. She has programmed a thousand jokes, I don't even know all of them. There's a lot to Samantha, she's advanced. My children, they say 'where is Samantha?' We brought her in the car. They really enjoyed that." 

dad lets kids play with sex robot
Coventry Telegraph

According to Wright, being in "family mode" prevents "Samantha" from making inappropriate comments. Which apparently also makes her an appropriate friend for small children. 

He says the children -- who are 5 and 3 years old -- view the robot as "someone there like a family member." 

"At some point they are going to go 'I am now old enough to realize that Daddy has sex with Samantha and Samantha is not mummy.' Is that not a bit strange?" asked cohost Holly Willoughby. To which Wright responded, "I think the world's changing," and insisted that the robot was not weird and had only been invented to "help people." 

Wright's wife, Hannah Nguyen, also seems to be totally on board with "Samantha's" presence in her family's life, even going so far as to admit to engaging in "threesomes" with the robot and her husband. "Me as a woman, I am not offended to have her around. I am not worried she will replace me. She is just someone there like a family member. Yes, we've had fun with her. There is no worry about someone else or an affair, we don't have to worry about disease," she said in an interview with ITV. 

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Sex robots have exploded in popularity in recent years. Some folks have suggested they be given to lonely elderly people in nursing homes; meanwhile, actual sex-doll brothels have opened in Europe. Should they continue to flourish, it is even expected that human-robot sex will be more common than human-human sex by the year 2050. Yes, seriously.

As the popularity surrounding these robots continues to grow, so will the conversations about moral responsibility and how we explain to kids what the heck these even are. What Mr. Wright does with the doll is certainly his business, but we can probably all agree that allowing his children to play with her seems pretty damn skeevy.

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