This Time-Lapse Video of a Mom's Baby Bump Is Unreal -- & You Can Make One Too

pregnancy time lapse

You ever see those amazing time-lapse videos of a mom's pregnant belly as it grows throughout her pregnancy and think, How do they do that? This mom is sharing both her awesome video of her growing bump, and the super easy way you can make one of your own

  • Jasmine Katatikarn and her husband battled infertility for over six years.

    She writes about her infertility story on her blog. After multiple rounds of failed IUIs and IVF, she was told she had a less than 1 percent chance of conceiving. Yet somehow, she got pregnant with a little girl name Teagan, whom she calls her 1 percent miracle. 

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  • Once she finally got pregnant, she wanted to find a way to cherish every day of it.

    "I was so grateful when I had gotten pregnant after six years of trying that I knew I wanted to document it as much as I could (especially since I knew there was a good chance I would never experience it again)," Katatikarn tells CafeMom. Her background as an animator made it easy for her to make her daily photos into a time-lapse video. Friends and family loved it, but they were also dying to know her secret behind making it.

    So Katatikarn designed an free app called Pregmo. You can download the app and use it to take bump photos, or import your photos into the app, and it will make your very own time-lapse bump video for you.

  • She's now pregnant with baby #2 after IVF.

    Katatikarn's daughter is 20 months old now, and will soon be a big sister -- a fact that her mom is still wrapping her head around. "I'm still in disbelief that I am fortunate enough to have a second child when I look back to only three years ago when the prospect of having one child was so low," she says. "I joke that pregnancy is such a joy compared to everything we had to go through for the fertility treatments. I really enjoy being pregnant."

  • Katatikarn is working on a time-lapse video of baby-bump #2.

    So far Teagan is taking her role as big sister very seriously. "She points to my belly and says 'baby' and she kisses the baby good night," says Katatikarn. "She even 'tickled' the baby the other night -- it was quite adorable."