Let's Talk About This Mom Who Got Brutally Bullied -- While the Bully's Kid Watched

krechelle carter

Krechelle Carter is a grown woman with six kids under the age of six. Even though she's way past high school and handling the adult problems that come along with motherhood, she's still also dealing with catty women who feel entitled to bully her. After a recent and horrific encounter with a stranger who judged her hair while also insinuating that she couldn't tell whether Krechelle was male or female, this mom from Australia is speaking out about the woman who shamed her -- in front of her child.


She explained on Facebook that the incident happened while she was sitting in the waiting room at her doctor's office. "An older lady turned to her daughter and asked her very loudly, 'Look at 'its' hair?! Is it a boy or a girl; atrocious, isn't it,' and nodded in my direction," Krechelle wrote. "My throat dropped into my stomach .... How could she say that so maliciously?"

mom bullied for her hair

Krechelle wasn't just in disbelief that someone would say something so cruel about her -- she was equally upset over how one comment could make her feel so small. "I might not be one hundred percent 'conventional' but I'm a good person with a good heart," she wrote. "A small tear escaped me."

This was hardly the first time that someone has openly judged Krechelle. She explained that she first noticed that she was "different" in elementary school and that the feeling carried through high school, as friends thought that her love of Harry Potter was weird. Even now as an adult, she feels people secretly laughing at her while she plays sports, because she isn't very athletic -- but she doesn't let that stop her from having the best damn time.

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When people make assumptions about Krechelle because of the way she looks or the number of children that she has, it's just teaching the next generation that bullying is acceptable both in and out of school. Krechelle is human and needs people to know that she has feelings and that they can still be hurt by your words.

"Please don't laugh at me in my shorts, I've had six children and I'm trying to get fitter, and it hurts," she wrote. "I love having fun with hair color. When you look at me like I'm odd or like I've done something wrong by [dyeing] my hair, that also hurts."

The woman who deemed it appropriate to publicly criticize her appearance -- in front of her child -- isn't the only one who has made a crushing comment toward Krechelle, but there's still something that Krechelle needs her to know. "Bullying is bullying; no matter what age," she wrote. "Being different doesn't mean you can bully me? Being different is what makes me interesting, it's what makes me unique; it's what makes me, me."

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