Coffee Shop Bans Kids but Not Dogs & Parents Are Losing Their Minds

 baby in coffee shop

Kids are precious little bundles of joy, we all know this. We're also well aware of how damn destructive and loud they can be sometimes. There are plenty of people who don't even want to be made aware of the fact that children exist when they're trying to relax and enjoy an expensive cup of coffee. That's why many restaurants and cafes have taken to banning kids. But a UK restaurant has people divided after it "banned" all children under 12 but kept an open-door policy for dogs.

  • The Chart Room is an upscale coffee lounge in Devon, England, that has recently drawn tons of controversy...

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  • The cafe initially drew attention when customer Wendy Moore wrote to the local news to say she'd be boycotting the place due to its no-child policy.

    "I must say, it looked very appealing until I reached the end of the article and read that the owner allows dogs into this café but has banned children from it!" she shared in a copy of her letter on Facebook. "Can anyone tell me just what kind of town we're living in when dogs are allowed into an establishment and children are not? I shall certainly be boycotting this place ... And I would call upon anyone living or visiting Brixham who do not put dogs before children to do the same."

  • Unsurprisingly, news of the policy has ruffled the feathers of plenty of parents, with some even threatening to join in the boycott.

  • Others, however, are excited about the idea of a child-free cafe, commending the owner for creating a space that's "inclusive" to those without kids.

  • In an interview with BBC, owner Bob Higginson defended himself, saying the situation has been blown completely out of proportion.

    "I simply wanted to create a nice quiet zone where grown-ups could sit, relax, and enjoy the quiet atmosphere," he told BBC News. "There are plenty of other places for people with children to go.

    Obviously, Higginson can do whatever he wants with his cafe. If he wants his restaurant filled with dogs rather than children then that's completely up to him. Still, that doesn't mean people have to like it. Any parents who refuse to support a business that alienates their kids are well within their rights to find some other coffee shop to let their little ones run amok in.