Instagram Removed a Photo of This Disabled Boy & His Mom Is Calling Them Out

instagram deletes photo of disabled boy
Our Altered Life/Instagram

For parents of kids with disabilities, social media plays an important role. It allows them to not only share everyday snapshots of their lives, but also to connect with others who understand their unique experiences and to change the way society views and responds to kids with disabilities. More often than not, their posts are met with an outpouring of support and love, but sometimes people are especially malicious. One mom experienced just that when Instagram deleted a photo of her disabled son because of complaints about his appearance.


Charlie Beswick is a blogger and mother of twin boys, Harry and Oliver. Her younger son, Harry, was born with a Goldenhar syndrome. As a result, he has no eye socket, nostril, or ear, and he has a short jaw. In addition to these things, he is also nonverbal due to his autism. Charlie often speaks on the unique challenges her family faces on her blog Our Altered Life and shares plenty of snapshots of her family on her Instagram account. 

On Tuesday, September 12, Charlie took to Facebook to share her frustration over the fact that Instagram had removed a photo of her son from the platform. According to Charlie, Instagram removed the photo of Harry because other users had reported it. It doesn't seem to be the first instance of this happening to the family, either. 

"What do you see when you look at my boy?" she wrote. "I see the most beautiful smile, wonderful heart & purest love. Sadly some people on Instagram feel that it's too much to look at and have reported a picture of him (again). Despite the fact that the picture Instagram removed had well over 2300 likes and more than 200 lovely comments of support." 

Charlie has shared her family's story in an effort to reach out to Instagram and get them to acknowledge the fact that their policies regarding this situation are offensive and outright harmful. 

She continued in her post, "If someone hates to look at my child then I have 2 things to say a) scroll past and b) you're an arsehole." 

The impassioned mother's post has garnered plenty of attention from people offering their support. 

Instagram's removal of a photo of a happy, innocent little boy just because a bunch of judgmental people don't like seeing him sends an awful message to users, many of those users being people with physical disabilities and all of whom are deserving of the right to share their lives just like everyone else.

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