Mom Wants to Charge Kids Who Canceled Last-Minute for Her Daughter's Birthday Party

kids and birthday cake at party

Before her daughter's 16th birthday, one mom and her teen made a deal: The teen could have a special party, but they would have to keep a very tight budget leading up to it, and she would have to sacrifice other wants in order for her mom to be able to make it happen. The teen eagerly agreed and the pair planned to take 10 friends paintballing for a memorable celebration. But despite planning and giving notice months in advance, girls started backing out the night before the party -- and way past the time this anonymous mom had to pay the deposit. Understandlably, she is both pissed at the other parents for not caring about the financial or social obligation and also worried about how this will hurt her daughter.

  • The mom shared the situation on Mumsnet and asked if it'd be unreasonable to charge the parents of kids who RSVP'd and then bailed.

    The mom explained that not only does the facility require a 10-person minimum to host the party, but the money isn't refundable. Many who canceled said their parents don't want to drive them. But the mom fears this is a sign of bigger problems with her daughter's friends.

    "I think it unfortunately demonstrates her 'friendship group's' attitude to her. She is useful when people want her and dropped like a stone when they don't," she commented. "I rather suspect she wanted an activity that was 'exotic' and appealing ... to try and ensure that people did actually come."

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  • Things got even more hurtful when the birthday girl found out that her friends canceled because they were making plans to do something else together.

  • The mom worries the kids who backed out with notice are the "polite" ones and even fewer kids will actually show up.

    Since she sent invitations in July and reminders in August, along with final details in September, many agree that these kids are being rude. However, there's debate over whether whether this mom should get involved in her teen's social affairs at all.

  • Many feel this mom wouldn't be crossing a line if she contacted other parents about their kids' sudden RSVP decline.

  • But others think that despite how rude it is, this mom needs to stay out of it.

  • There's no update on what happened the day of the party, but hopefully enough friends showed up ...

    ... and hopefully this mom's heartbreaking posts remind other parents (and their children) of the importance of sending and sticking to RSVPs for birthday parties!