Outraged Mom Slams Hospital Worker Who Shamed Her for Breastfeeding Her Sick Baby

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Kymmie Snyder/Facebook

When Georgia mom Kymmie Snyder was at Candler Hospital, she was eagerly waiting for her daughter's surgery to finish. Unfortunately, her child's operation wasn't the only thing on her mind after an employee approached this waiting mom -- and almost made her head explode.


Kymmie explained on Facebook that while her daughter was having an outpatient procedure done, her baby boy Kylo got hungry. "My son has #CysticFibrosis which is a genetic disease that affects his body in so many different ways," she wrote on Facebook. "His pancreatic and digestive system are not the same as a normal, healthy baby, resulting in him being hungry very often, due to the [malabsorption] of nutrients."

kymmie snyder
Kymmie Snyder/Facebook

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For this reason, Kymmie nurses Kylo frequently, which is exactly what she was doing in the hospital waiting room during her daughter's surgery. "There is NO skin showing, no nipple out, you honestly can't even tell that I am breastfeeding if you were to look straight on," she wrote. "A woman who is EMPLOYED at Candler walks right up to me and had the audacity to cover my child's head with a towel!" 

Shocked, Kymmie snatched the towel off of Kylo and continued to breastfeed her hungry baby. "She tried to tell me that I 'had to cover his head' and myself if I wanted to remain in the hospital," she wrote. "I asked her if she knew what she was doing was illegal? She then tries to tell me it is 'hospital rules.' WHAT THE HELL KIND OF HOSPITAL HAS EVER HAD THAT RULE!?"

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Kymmie knows the laws and that nursing moms in Georgia have the clear right to breastfeed in any public or private place. "Idk who you thought you were approaching this morning but I am certainly the wrongggg one," she wrote. "Cover your own damn head if you have a problem with my son eating." 

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