Mom Speaks Out Over Daughter's 'Horrifying' Sex Homework

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It's only been about two weeks into the new school year, and one mom is already speechless over her daughter's homework assignment. According to Heather Danks-Miller, her high schooler's teacher took the idea of getting to know the students too far with an outrageous homework questionnaire that left the teens sex-shamed and judged.


When Olivia showed her mother the worksheet assigned for her Adult Roles and Financial Literacy class, the Utah mom was shocked over the inappropriate questions that the students were required to fill out. From asking whether they have ever been on a date, been French-kissed, or kissed while in a "reclining position," to asking about pregnancies scares, past abortions, and drug history, the questions got progressively more invasive. This "homework" even asked, "Even though you are straight, would you go kinky to see what it's like?"

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However, it got even worse from there. After marking yes or no to each of the 30 questions, the students were then supposed to add up the number of points for every question they said yes to and evaluate where they fell on the score chart. The teens were told that if they received under 10 they were "a nerd -- just where you should be at your age," while at 11–15 they were "pure as ivory soap and maybe a fruitcake." For those who scored higher numbers, they were labeled as indecent.

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Heather shared the outrageous assignment online and emailed the teacher stating that Olivia would not be handing in the completed worksheet. "My daughter literally came home feeling like sh*t and that's when she told me about this. She did not get a good score," she wrote on Facebook.

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After the teacher didn't respond to Heather's email, Heather also reached out to the school's principals, the superintendent, and the school board. "So, they made her turn it in!" Heather wrote in an update on Facebook. "I am emailing EVERYONE right now and if I don't get a response by the end of the school day I am headed up there in person."

Olivia scribbled out all of her answers and added a special note for her teacher to read before handing the worksheet over. "Literally none of this is your business and #29 is homophobic and assumes everyone is heterosexual," the teen wrote.

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After Heather's multiple emails, she met with the school's principals, who assured her that they will no longer use the "archaic" questionnaire anymore and that Olivia will receive an apology from the teacher. "The point of the worksheet is self-realization on risky behavior and the teacher has a 'do not read' policy so if the student doesn't want her to read it, all they have to do is write that on there as well as leave it blank if they don't want to answer. To which I replied, 'How do you expect a teenager who just met you two weeks ago to trust you?'" Heather recounted on Facebook. "I basically ended it on the fact that I don't want my daughter or anyone's kid for that matter to feel judged moving forward and that I will be monitoring the class content closely. Yes, I brought up HIPAA as well as the fifth amendment. She said that she has been using this worksheet for years with no problems -- well you just met me lady and I doubt this will be the last time we speak."

Olivia might only be in the 11th grade, but she already knows more than her teacher when it comes to one important subject. As she explained in a text to her mom, which the proud mama then posted on Facebook: "It is not and never will be your place to decide if a kid is 'hopeless.'"

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