This Mom Doesn't Care What You Think About Her Co-Sleeping for 9 Years

stacey solomon

Stacey Solomon is a confident mom of two boys who doesn't care how strangers and mommy shamers feel about the way she raises her children. From being open about taking baths with her 9- and 5-year-old sons to now getting real about her nearly decade-long co-sleeping arrangement, this London mom is candid about her parenting without letting fear of judgment stop her.


Recently, Stacey and her boys hit a major milestone. After nine years of co-sleeping, this exhausted mom decided it was time for her children to spend the night in their own beds. So she got real on Instagram about the "sad" transition.

"Last night I spent the first night without my children coming in to my room and sleeping with me in nine years," she captioned a photo of her children being tucked into their new bunk beds. "I'm sure a lot of people will have something to say about that but I honestly don't care." 

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Stacey explained that although she has enjoyed every night with her boys tucked in beside her, it was time to make this change. "I love sleeping with my children and would do it forever if I could. Those cuddles, the kick in the face, the kisses in the morning. I live for that," she wrote. "However, I have come to the realization that as much as I love it, I also value my sleep and relationship and I know that with extra special people coming into my life there simply isn't enough room for us all and everybody benefits from a good night's sleep."

For Stacey, moving her boys into their own beds was a "daunting" change, so she feared that it would be an even bigger adjustment for her children. To help make the transition smoother, she picked out new bunk beds for their room and prepared for a potentially difficult first night.

"The truth is I didn't realize how easy it would be," she wrote. "I didn't even have to spend the usual 35 minutes saying, 'Half an hour boys, 20 minutes now, come on bedtime boys, bedtime BEDTIME,' they were asking me, 'Is it bed time yet mummy,' and at 7pm they ran up, chose their bunks and went to sleep."

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However, just because the tuck-in process went well, that didn't mean the rest wouldn't be difficult for this mom and her newfound empty bed. "I assumed the novelty would wear off and they'd wake up in the night and come in but, I woke up to an empty bed after a full night's sleep and to my surprise there they were fast asleep in their bed," she wrote. "As happy as I am that this is the next phase and they're loving it ... I can't help but feel a little sad that that's probably the first day of the rest of my child free bed time life."

For those who are still blissfully co-sleeping or nervous about what the transition to different beds is like, Stacey's candid post is a source of inspiration.

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