This Mom's 'Lazy' First-Day-of-School Sign Is Winning the Internet

first day of school lazy sign
Meg Rowe

The first day of school is a big freakin' deal. Pre-K, kindergarten, whatever, emotional moms and dads everywhere take the time to document the momentous occasion of their kids starting school. Some parents celebrate with funny photos and others take a more heartfelt approach. One hilarious mother created a perfect combination of the two with the amazing "lazy sign" she made for her son's first day of "pre-pre-K."


With her toddler heading off to his first day of class, mom Meg Rowe felt it pertinent to commemorate the occasion with an extra-special photo. Following the growing trend of creative first-day sign photos, Meg decided to create one for her son, Teddy. 

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However, instead of taking a pic with some ridiculously intricate and colorful creation, the little boy ended up posing in front of a much more simple -- but no less amazing -- sign on his first day. 

"The inspiration was pretty simple -- I forgot to set my alarm!" Rowe tells CafeMom. "I woke up in a panic and thought 'what kind of crap parent am I without a sign?!'"

first day of school lazy sign
Meg Rowe

The end result was a sign so amazing that we're almost jealous: a simple corkboard covered with construction paper and notes written in black marker. Sure, it isn't the prettiest one out there, but with hilarious entries like "Age: old enough to know better" and "Oh whoops, the date: 9.6.17," it manages to be clever and wildly funny. 

"I'd had ambitions to make this big elaborate sign," Rowe admits to CafeMom. "It was going to look like a mug shot and his sign was his sentence! So cute in my head. But, well, I'm lazy."

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This definitely isn't the first time mom-induced laziness has yielded something amazing, and we're sure it won't be the last. Teddy's adorable little first day of pre-pre-K sign is totally going down in history as one of the best. 

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