This Dad's 'Rules' for Dating His Daughters Finally Get It Right

J. Warren Welch/Facebook

Although Jeff Welch's daughters are still young, this dad is setting the dating standard now. Jeff and his wife, Natasha, have five girls in their blended family, and like many protective girl dads, he has a list of rules for any future suitor who wants to date his daughter. However, Jeff's fierce message to all potential dates is completely different from many strict parents' -- and it's beyond refreshing.  


In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, the dad from Tennessee listed the "rules" for anyone dating his daughters: "You'll have to ask them what their rules are. I'm not raising my little girls to be the kind of women who need their daddy to act like a creepy, possessive bada*ss in order for them to be treated with respect," he wrote. "You will respect them, and if you don't, I promise they won't need my help putting you back in your place." 

J. Warren Welch/Facebook

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Jeff doesn't want to raise his girls to think they need a man to protect them or that they are their father's possession, and he hopes that any man or woman who enters their lives know from the start that they will be dealing with strong and empowered females. "Good luck pumpkin," he wrote. He captioned his post: "I ain't raisin' no princesses."

Jeff and Natasha's girls range in age from 7 to 16 years old, and he explained to Today that he finds no humor in the jokes about dads pulling shotguns on daughters' dates. "I understand the urge to protect your daughters," Jeff said. "I get that. But the kind of posturing by fathers of daughters I was specifically responding to had nothing to do with that 'protective instinct' and everything to do with asserting their dominance over women and reinforcing a belief that women need men to take care of them." 

For Jeff, it's important to raise bold, independent daughters, and he will support the choices they make because he chooses to listen to them instead of speaking over them. "That is exactly why I know that my daughters don't need my help making important decisions about their relationships. These girls are my heroes!" he said. "I was a feminist long before I had daughters, but it wasn't until I was blessed with the task of raising young women that I realized why: These girls are amazing humans, and I can take no credit for that other than the fact that I at least knew that the best thing I could do for them is not try to 'mold' them." 

It's clear that Jeff's message is just as important for his girls to hear as it is for any future date: They don't need a man's approval but will always have their dad's support.

J. Warren Welch/Facebook

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