This Woman's Message Is a Must-Read for Formula-Feeding Moms

 woman's message to formula feeding moms
Her View From Home/Facebook

When it comes to breastfeeding and formula feeding, there are a plethora of reasons why different moms choose different things for their babies. Some women have trouble producing enough milk, while some babies refuse to take formula; that "mother knows best" saying applies beautifully when it comes to feeding our children. Even still, many mothers who choose to formula feed feel a tremendous amount of guilt over it. But with one beautifully written Facebook post, one mother has made moms everywhere take comfort in their decisions.


During a particularly difficult pumping session where she produced 4+ ounces of milk from one breast and less than half an ounce out of the other, blogger and mother Leslie Means decided to use her struggles to inspire others. 

In an incredibly inspiring Facebook post, the Her View From Home blogger offered some much-needed words of wisdom to formula-feeding mothers. "I NEED you to hear me. I NEED you to understand something," she wrote. "Whatever you are doing for that precious baby is exactly right." 

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From the very beginning, the post inspires emotion, encouraging mothers to feel comfort and security in whatever decisions they've made for their children. 

Means discusses the importance of not letting others' opinions of your choices keep you from making the right ones. "Don't let your friend, or your friend's friend, or your mom, or your church leader or your neighbor or anyone else in the entire universe tell you otherwise."

She then delves into the actual act of formula feeding. After taking the time to briefly mention the difficulty she has producing milk out of one of her breasts, she makes a valid point: "Could I have tried and tried and eaten better things, and visited more lactation people and spent more time to get lefty to work? Probably. Did I choose my sanity instead? You bet."

When having discussions about breastfeeding and formula feeding, we tend to focus primarily on the needs of the child. This is -- of course -- extremely important, but so are the needs of the mother. By outwardly admitting that giving her son formula was the best and easiest course of action for her, Leslie Means has validated so many women -- many of whom have taken to Facebook to thank her for her post.  

Much like the rest of her message, Leslie's post ends on a beautiful note: "Don't listen to what everyone else has to say. Listen to your instincts. God gave them to mothers for a reason. Trust in that. Believe in that. And know that you are raising your babies perfectly." 

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Whatever choices moms make for their children, we have nothing but admiration for all the women out there who take the time to uplift and encourage struggling mothers. 

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