Mom Refuses to Send Her Daughter to Nursery School With 'Fat' Teachers

mom walking daughter to school

As parents, we are supposed to teach our kids all about love and acceptance, not only for themselves but shown to others as well. Body positivity, more specifically, has been at the forefront of many parents' minds. Moms and dads everywhere are encouraging their children to embrace and support all people, regardless of their size. One mother, however, has completely rejected that notion by refusing to send her daughter to a nursery school because her teacher was fat.


British writer Hilary Freeman wrote a controversial piece for Daily Mail in which she admitted that, when searching for a nursery school in which to enroll her 2-year-old daughter, one of her most promising prospects became an immediate no-no once she realized that many of the staffers at the school were fat.

While watching her daughter play with one particular nursery assistant, she says she began to have concerns. "She was only in her 20s, but she was already obese -- morbidly so. She moved slowly and breathlessly, her face flushed," Freeman wrote in the Daily Mail piece. "Would she, I wondered, have the lightning reflexes needed to save an adventurous toddler from imminent danger?"

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It should be noted that we've never heard any stories of toddlers being harmed simply because their "fat" teacher didn't have cat-like reflexes. We have heard, though, many stories about children who grow up with self-esteem issues centered around weight because they were raised by judgmental parents.

Freeman argues that her decision not to send her daughter to the nursery school was centered around her child's well-being rather than a hatred for fat people. She wrote, "I couldn't help worrying about the message this was sending to the children in their care: that being very fat is normal and -- when children adopt role models so readily -- even desirable."

With an estimated 64 percent of British adults being technically overweight and about 68 percent of American adults having the same classification, being fat certainly seems pretty "normal."

The piece goes on, with Freeman insisting that her judgment toward fat people is centered around their unhealthy lifestyle choices -- an argument that body-shamers often use to justify their harmful rhetoric. "In most cases, obese people are responsible for their own bulk," she insisted in response to the idea that plenty of fat people are fat due to everything from genetics to medical conditions.

"Discrimination is never good. But neither is obesity," she wrote at the end of her piece. "So let's stop celebrating it, and instead offer a bit of tough love." 

According to her views, this "tough love" would probably involve plenty of fat-shaming, pre-judgment, and general nastiness.

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In reaction to her piece, plenty of people have taken it upon themselves to show Hilary Freeman some of their own "tough love," as evidenced by these Daily Mail Facebook comments 

Still, while her comments enraged many, there were a few who agreed with her wholeheartedly.  

Despite what Freeman or these commenters say, being fat is just as normal as being skinny. People's bodies exist in many forms and serve many purposes, none of which should ever be subject to gross judgments or criticisms. The last thing fat people need is more individuals butting into their lives with no prior knowledge of their circumstances, then proceeding to make them feel bad about themselves simply because of how they look.

Instead of worrying about whether or not children will be "encouraged to be fat," we should be doing our best to ensure that they turn out to be good people with full hearts and open minds.

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