Adorable Video Shows Little Girl 'Nursing' Her New Baby Sister


Kayley Munday of the blog Munday Mornings welcomed a sweet baby girl a few weeks ago named Reese Kristine, which just may be the best baby name ever. Her older sister Quinny is taking her big sister duties very seriously, as evidenced by this super sweet video of her trying to "nurse" Reese.

  • What a good li'l mama!

    Munday says her older daughter has been a trooper with all the changes that have come with having the new baby around, and is super curious about breastfeeding. But rather than get jealous of all the attention her mom is giving to the new baby, Quinny wants to help out herself. "She yelled at me to take off her shirt and that she HAD to give the baby some milk," writes Munday. "She's been very intrigued with nursing."

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  • The video is getting lots of laughs, "Awws," and moms saying their daughters did the same thing.

    Of course there are the random trolls here and there who've peered out from their basement lairs long enough to express outrage over the idea of a little girl mimicking her mother breastfeeding. But for the most part, the 33,000 viewers and counting are loving this sweet gesture from a new big sister.

    "OMG this is so beautiful and funny at the same time. Love it!" said one. Others said it was Quinny's mothering instict kicking in. "Little girls are the absolutely best!!! I love how they want to be mamas so young. So innocent and adorable!"

  • Reese's entry into the world was a little rocky.

    The video of Quinny testing out her mommy skills is particularly sweet given the fact that Reese had a health scare days after her birth. The newborn is having a little trouble breathing, and after a couple of emergency trips back to the hospital, she is now home and on oxygen

  • We have a feeling Quinny's going to be a great big sister

    She might not be able to actually breastfeed her baby sister, but it's obvious she's watching closely so she can learn how to help -- a skill we think Mom will definitely appreciate when it's diaper-changing time!

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