Furious Dad 'Kidnaps' His Kids After Finding Babysitter Sleeping

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As working parents, Christopher and his wife hired a babysitter to care for their children when they weren't home. After interviewing Sarah, they believed that the 35-year-old was capable of protecting their little ones and keeping them safe. However, after the Massachusetts dad forgot from some papers for work and had to unexpectedly return home to grab them, what he found showed him just how wrong he and his wife were.

  • Christopher walked in on his babysitter snuggled in a blanket, sleeping on his couch at 10 a.m., as his little ones roamed around unsupervised.

    Instead of waking Sarah up, the fuming dad left the house with his kids and waited for her to wake up and discover what can happen when the babysitter takes a long nap instead of watching the kids.

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  • Two hours after Chris left with his children, Sarah started calling and texting him.

    Sarah woke up from her nap to an empty home and entered panic mode when she couldn't find the missing kids. She then reached out to her employer about the possible emergency.

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  • Christopher played along like he had never been home and was busy at work.

  • Sarah eventually contacted the police, who advised her to call Christopher to find out what was going on.

  • Christopher finally let the worried babysitter know that his kids weren't kidnapped -- and he made it clear just how furious he was.

    Understandably furious at her for falling asleep while his kids were awake, and then not reaching out to police as soon as she realized they were missing, Christopher fired Sarah. He also tried to file a police report for potentially endangering the children but officers didn't move forward with the case. Frustrated, Christopher posted on Facebook about the incident to warn other local parents from letting Sarah watch their children. However, all posts have been deleted from social media after Sarah allegedly tried to press charges for harassment.

    Although some think that Christopher took things too far in his attempt to teach Sarah a lesson, everyone can agree that they are glad his kids are safe and that Sarah will definitely think twice before ever sleeping on the job again.

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