Incredible Photo Shows What Happens When a Baby 'Acts Like a Plug' During Childbirth

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As a mom of five kids and the founder of North Dallas Doula Associates, Melissa Espey Mueller has witnessed a range of diverse births. However, one baby's grand entrance at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas was unlike anything she's ever seen.


Melissa told CafeMom that she took this photo during an experienced mom's natural delivery. This was the anonymous mom's third birth, and as she labored with "It Is Well With My Soul" on repeat, she began to progress quickly. "She pushed out her son and as he delivered, all of his amniotic fluid came out as well," she explained. "Although her bag of waters had ruptured earlier, not much flowed out most likely because the baby was too low and acting as a 'plug' ... so it was clearly behind him and as he was born it all came rushing out."

northdallasdoulas / Instagram

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According to Melissa, the doctor delivering the baby was left completely soaked and she ended up with water in her shoes. "It was definitely a birth to remember -- a true tidal wave of emotion!" she said.

Despite the incredible splash, the most impressive part of this image is that it's reminding moms just how incredible the placenta really is. "Did you know that even when your water is broken it is constantly being replenished by the placenta?" Melissa captioned the stunning photo on Instagram.

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