This Mom Asks If It's Unreasonable to Save for Her Baby's Nose Job

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As a new parent, you try your best to prepare for your baby's future. This includes planning and preparing for the near and far, so most parents want to not only give their little ones the best start possible, but also a strong foundation for later. Some handle this by setting up college saving plans before their infant is even born, while others establish car, wedding, and house accounts in preparation for when their kid might need the funds. However, one mom has sparked controversy by asking if she's being unreasonable by starting to prepare for a different potential cost in her baby's future: a nose job.


The anonymous mom explained on Mumsnet that her husband has a "very large" nose and although she thinks it makes him look handsome, she's worried that her baby girl might inherit this feature from her dad. She's considering putting money aside each week to be financially prepared in case when her daughter is older, she decides that she wants plastic surgery. She wanted to know what other online users thought about her idea and thinking this far in advance. 

"[Dear daughter] looks like she is going to take after her father in the nose department," Mumsnet user DressedInBinBags wrote. "If her nose isn't like her dad's or it doesn't bother her, she could use it for other things. Obviously, she would still be gorgeous to me. I'm just concerned she will be self-conscious as other people make remarks to [dear husband] and he had been teased about it in the past."

The concerned mom explained that she first came up with the idea after reading about how a grown child wanted help paying for a procedure to remove loose skin, and it made her realize how much she'd hate not being to help her own daughter financially if she asked for it. She also clarified that they already have a savings account for a car and that this would be a separate fund only if the daughter approached her parents about surgery. "I'm NOT going to offer her a nose job. If she ASKS for one, I want to be able to pay for it rather than her having to," she wrote in a comment. "And if she doesn't want the plastic surgery (ideally exactly what I want), then she can do whatever she wants with it."

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According to mom, her husband supports the idea because both he and his sister were made fun of growing up for their noses. "His sister has been bullied because of it and cried because of it. She has begged her parents for a nose job," she commented. "So while I will think it's gorgeous and encourage her to love it, there is no guarantee she will feel the same. I'm never going to say to her have a nose job. I love the nose. But if she is desperately unhappy I want to be able to say if that is what you 100 percent want I will pay for it. If not, she can have the money to do whatever she wants with it." 

She asked users for her thoughts and people were more than willing to share them. 

After being flooded with diverse opinions, the mom couldn't help but pose one more question. "I wonder what responses would have been if my [question] would have been: My 21 year old daughter wants a nose job. She has been teased a lot because of her nose. If I have the funds, should I pay for it?" she commented.

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