This Little Girl's Before-and-After Kindergarten Hair Will Make You LOL

kindergarten girl hair
Markeisha Simien/Facebook

Entering the real world can be tough, and nothing captures the struggles that come with getting older more than this viral before-and-after photo. Like many proud parents, Markeisha Simien took a snapshot of her little girl before Charle-feigh's first day of kindergarten, but what she saw at the end of the day was pretty much the exact opposite -- and just as photo worthy.

  • Before Charle-feigh left for her big day at school, the adorable little girl looked ready to take on the world.

    She was excited to show off her pressed uniform and wore her hair perfectly braided with a big red bow.

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  • However, when Markeisha went to pick Charle up, it looked more like the world took her!

    Her hair was no longer perfectly styled and instead ruffled and sticking straight up. Naturally, her mom took a second photo to show the major difference a day in kindergarten can make, and the hysterical first-day-of-school photos quickly went viral.  

  • "No little girl enjoys getting her hair combed but ironically, Charle does. She loves prancing in the mirror and admiring her own cuteness."

    Markeisha tells CafeMom that Charle is very into her hair and loved the look when she left for school but had to make some adjustments as the day went on because it started bothering her.

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  • Thanks to Markeisha's sharing the epic photos that everyone can relate to, Charle isn't the only one getting a kick out of just how adorable she is.

    "People all over the world have expressed how much joy and laughter she has brought to their lives," the proud mama tells CafeMom.

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